Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Belated New Year

Well our New Year started out with about five inches of snow. Monday afternoon we went sledding with Eric's Uncle Tom and Aunt DeRene Bromell and their kids, that was very fun. Then we spent the evening at their house with some other friends Brent and Rachel Clark and their little boy. We had a lot of fun eating and playing games. And at midnight we had a toast with "sparkling apple cider." I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far. Sorry I have not posted but we have been busy since we got home from LA, taking down the decorations and working in our basement. But I promise I will try to do better with my posting. Because I know my Mom and brother will appreciate it.

This is Eric and Tom doing their last good deed for 2007.

Eric and Aspen about to take a ride.

Hmm...a little young to be tipping the bottle.


rusty said...

Cute! I love the snow. Wish we had something like that!! Tristan looks a little too young to be up so late. Put that kid to bed!
Love, Mom

Candles said...

Wow, I love the weather!!! It's supposed to get pretty cold here tonight. I do wish that we would get some of that!!!