Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone

What a wonderful Christmas morning everyone. We had a great Christmas at the
Robinson house, everyone received lots of gifts. Mom and I got Cricut cutters, we are
going to be scrap booking now. :)

Matt was quite pleased about his gift. A new mouse for his computer.
A shot gun was all Eric wanted and that is what he got. He is
very pleased.

For breakfast Dad made us waffles, with the waffle maker

Mom got for Christmas. They were very yummy Dad, Thank You.

Doesn't this look Yummy!


Candles said...

Waffle maker?? People still use those things??? lol! jk! Love the pics. Matt looks like he's in a trance. haha One question, if you have to share the scrapbooking thing and you live in Iowa and she lives down here how exactly are you going to share it? It was great seeing you too and I hope y'all have a safe trip back home.
Love, Candice

rusty said...

We both got Cricut cutters. Matt does look kinda funny. Melissa

Jennifer Truitt said...

Hey Melissa,
Looks like you had a great Christmas! I am thinking about getting a cricute with my Christmas money. Have you had the chance to use yours yet? I would like to talk to someone who has one before I buy one.