Monday, December 10, 2007

Cheese snowman...

Well we had a busy but fun weekend. Saturday evening we went to a
live animal Christmas play. It was very good, all the animals were
on there very best behavior. On Sunday there was a mist in the
air all day, so that made everything pretty slick. We started out
for church in the car, got to the corner and decided we better take
the truck. But we made it to church OK. Sunday night the BMI
choir was at our church. They did a very nice job. After the service
we all gathered for food. I made this snowman cheese ball. Everyone
thought he was so cute and some did not want to mess him up but in
the end most of it was gone.

The snow "cheese" balls have been rolled.
And now he is dressed.
Ta-Da, Here is the finished product.


Candles said...

That is so cute!! I absolutely love it! Very creative!!

Charity said...

He is absolutely darling!! What did you use to make the face and buttons? I understand why no one wanted to eat him! :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comments girls. I thought he was pretty cute myself.
I used peppercorns for his eye's and buttons. I found it on, they have some good stuff and coupons. :)