Friday, September 28, 2007


On the hay rack. Check out the dust.
Sorry these pictures are out of order.

The little boys having a good time.


The table before all the food arrived.

Bobbing for apples.

Me trying to get one.

I did it!!!

Bean Bag toss.

Fall Hayride

My cornstalk decorations.

Uncle John Miller tending the fire.

Roasting the hot dogs.

What's good to eat.

Look at the cute couple.

Tonight was our churches annual fall hot dog roast and hayride. We had a lot of fun, food and fellowship. I was tired of there never being decorations, so I took it upon myself to decorate and everyone thought it looked great.
We bobbed for apples and had a bean bag toss. I got an apple and didn't really get wet. :) Eric would not do it though, Party Pooper. Anyway after we did all of that Merlin(Eric's dad)took us on the hayride, it was a little chilly(I snuggled up to my honey)but over all very nice weather. When we got back everyone enjoyed sitting around the fire and drinking hot apple cider. You are all welcome to come and join us for next years hayride.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Project

Yesterday I went to the quilting store to sign up for a class Ashley and I are going to do, we are going to make Christmas tree skirts. When I was there I saw this darling Christmas table runner, so I bought the kit and began making it tonight, it is going to fun working on it. I always like to do some sort of project in the fall and winter, especially in the fall when Eric works long hours. Let me know if you like the runner. Chari, you need to teach me how to knit, I am sure that would keep me busy trying not the stab anybody with the needles.:)

A beautiful day

Eric and Payton hanging out on the blanket

What a Sweetheart!


What's in the basket.

This morning I decided that we would take a picnic lunch to the shop for Eric. Of course Payton thought this was a great idea, she said we were going to have a picket. So I packed sandwiches,apple slices,chips,cream soda and others things for Eric and I, Payton had macaroni and chicken nuggets. We had such a good time and the weather was absolutely glorious. Well I need to get off here and get some things ready for our church hayride tomorrow night. It will be held at Eric's grandparents, I am providing the paper products and doing a little decorating(pumpkins,cornstalks,mums) so I guess I need to get everything together. I will try to take some pictures of the hayride. Until then have a great day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

Thanks Chari, now you might have to help me come up with seven things people don't know about me, that's hard, people know all about me. I'm not very quiet about things.
Well here goes,
1. I am my Daddy's "Indian Princess"

2. I ordered my wedding dress before Eric even hinted at asking me to marry him. ESP

3. I have driven the tractor and auger wagon while they were combining beans.(spilled some though.)

4. I am the middle cousin, of three girls that are all six months apart. Christie, Me & Keren

5. I remember riding in the moving truck, moving to Shreveport when I was 2 years old.

6. I know many tractor numbers(names) International 1206, 966, 1066, 1466. John Deere 4020, 4320, A. (Eric will love me)

7. I love being a farmers wife.

I don't have anybody to tag, sorry.

More of the house

This is more of the kitchen.

The table was my Great grandma Brashers

More of our house

As you can see you are now in the kitchen.
How about a cup of coffee and some girl talk?

This is above the stairs that go the the basement.

Our House

Our room

Do you like the red wall?

Some more of the living room.

Well here are some more pictures of our house. I am slowly getting them taken and posted. Actually I'm just trying to keep some excitement in your lives. I do have to say the house looks pretty nice compared to when we moved in, sometime maybe I'll find those pictures and post them. Well I guess I'd better go and get some meat out for my soup, the weather has once again turned cool, so it will be soup for supper. If it's good I will post the recipe.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Everyday Life.

Well today was another busy day. This morning I took Payton to the library for story time, she really enjoys being with the other kids. And of course we have to get books, as if we didn't have enough all ready. This evening after she left, I made a scarecrow, I did not have any jeans, but I remembered I had some children's cloths and thus I have a very small scarecrow. Eric was running the combine this evening, his dad had to go to a meeting. I'm glad I wasn't there to see him, it might have scared me too bad. Not really I'm sure he handled it OK. I will try to get out to the field and take some more pictures of harvest, and keep you up on the progress. Well it's getting late and I'm tired to guess I'll say goodnight.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Shopped & Dropped

Well we got home from Kansas City this night. We had a great time, we ordered some very cute Christmas & winter shirts, sweatshirts. Some lighter weight jackets to wear with jean or khaki and some other cute shirts. We also got some watches. So if anyone needs something new to wear I know just where you can get it. We did have a very nice time, but it is good to be home I know it was only one night but I still missed my husband. :) I will post some pictures of Kim's store soon.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The cookie monster

This is the way to eat Oreo's. Payton saw Eric and I eating cookies the other day and said " I want a cookie bad." Well she got one and ate all the frosting and then wanted another one, she does not think the actual cookie is good. Don't you love here frosting face.

Our House

The Living Room.
Here are a few pictures of the inside of our house. I will try to get some more, but probably not until next week. I am going to Kansas City,KS with my mother in- law, we are going to market to buy things for her store. Hope you enjoy the pics. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

This is the living room.

And again.

Sorry it's a little fuzzy. New camera.
This is in the entry way.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everyday Life

Well let's see what I can tell you about my day. I guess it was pretty uneventful, except for chasing Payton around and making sure I got her to the bathroom in time. We are working on the potty training and it is going very well, just a few accidents. By the time I ever have my own kids I will be a pro at things like this. Doing laundry, ironing, and cleaning out the garage pretty much made my day.

Eric brought home a straw bale for me to use in my fall decorating outside. When I get it all done I'll post some pictures. I have the greatest husband.
Some of you don't know what our house looked like so I will show you. Our house got painted this summer, it needed it so bad. I'll post some before and after pictures and you can see for yourself if it was a lovely color or not.
Well hope everyone is having a great week so far. Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Everyday Life

Well we got up early this morning and went to town and stood in line outside on the square in 36 degree weather to eat pancakes and sausage. It was the annual kids day pancake breakfast and parade and other stuff . It is always a fun thing to do every fall, it is a pretty big event here in Fairfield. Well OK most things are a big event in our small town. It is so different then living in the city. You can't go to something like this without knowing ten or fifteen people(or more depending on who you are). Oh besides eating pancakes, I also went to a few garage sales with Ashley (Eric's sister) we didn't find much, but we had fun anyway. By the way eating pancakes was not the only thing I did today, I also mowed my in-laws yard.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Great recipe

Here is a great recipe for fall, if you are anything like me when the weather starts turning cooler soup becomes our favorite meal. This is a good and easy slow cooker soup, put it on in the morning and come home to supper already to eat.

Beefy Taco Soup
1 lb. Ground Beef, browned and drained
14.5 oz can Stewed Tomatoes
15 oz can Kidney Beans
1 1/4 oz package Taco seasoning mix
8 oz can Tomato sauce

Stir ingredients together; pour into a slow cooker. Heat on low setting for 6 to 8 hours; stir occasionally. Add water to thin to desired consistency.
Serves 4 to 6
Serve with cheese and tortilla chips

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everyday Life

Well it has been a pretty busy day, but for the most part everything went OK, except for the fact that I did not get to drink my first cup of coffee until almost 9:00 am AAH. Besides making sure Payton did not get into everything or push some button on the computer and make it go crazy, I had to make a meal for our pastor's family and the revival evangelist. But I got it all done and even had time to go outside and run a few "races" with Payton, she also likes to play "seek" behind the tree(hide & seek).
Mom and Sonia, don't have too much fun sitting around in your robes drinking coffee. I wish I could be there with y'all. Are you going to do any shopping? Was that a dumb question or what? Well anyway have fun, but remember not to get your swimming suits wet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh what a beautiful day

Well today has been beautiful, at 7:00 am it was forty degrees and this afternoon it is only sixty-eight. It was just too nice to stay inside so Payton and I went out to play, we swang in the "hammet" or hammock depending on if your 2 or not. And I got some cute pictures of her playing with Tibby. I had to watch pretty close though, she was trying to pick her up by the neck. Oh the joy of the terrific two's.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Harvest Pictures

Here are few farm pictures. When I told Eric I was doing a blog, he wanted to know if I had any tractor pictures on here. So now I can say I do. Harvest is very interesting, somedays are very short if we get rain or some are very long (3,4,5 in the morning) if rain is on its way. If you want to have a interesting life just try being a farmer (or farmers wife) for a day.


Payton turned 2 on August 13th and on the 18th her parents had a birthday party for her. She was a little show-off, she ran around climbing on everyone and everything. I think her favorite part was the cake and ice cream, she kept sticking her fingers in the frosting and saying it was good. And to make it even better she just loved the Dora Lantern we gave her. She is a sweetheart.

Harvest Time

Hi everyone,
It is once again harvest time here in Iowa. Things are starting to pickup on the farm, grain bins are being emptied of last years corn to make room for the new, augers are being setup to put the new corn in the bins. Corn chaff is blowing and making "fall snow." It is a busy time of the year for us but it is also a fun time. I love going out and riding with Eric while he drives the tractor and auger wagon, while Merlin(Eric's dad) is combining.
The weather is also making us aware that fall is here, yesterday the temp did not get above 65 degrees. It really make you want to get a cup of apple cider, curl up and read a book.
Happy Harvest Everyone