Friday, September 21, 2007

The cookie monster

This is the way to eat Oreo's. Payton saw Eric and I eating cookies the other day and said " I want a cookie bad." Well she got one and ate all the frosting and then wanted another one, she does not think the actual cookie is good. Don't you love here frosting face.


Charity said...

I agree about the frosting! :) But I do "force" myself to eat the rest!! heehehee

heidi boardman said...

Hi Melissa!
Love the picture! Payton is a doll!
You'll have to check out my blog @ You've got me inspired to try to keep up with all my virtual friends! Ha!
Lots of love,

Candles said...

Haha..that's funny. I have to say that I disagree because I love the whole oreo!!
Luv ya!