Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Our House

Our room

Do you like the red wall?

Some more of the living room.

Well here are some more pictures of our house. I am slowly getting them taken and posted. Actually I'm just trying to keep some excitement in your lives. I do have to say the house looks pretty nice compared to when we moved in, sometime maybe I'll find those pictures and post them. Well I guess I'd better go and get some meat out for my soup, the weather has once again turned cool, so it will be soup for supper. If it's good I will post the recipe.


Charity said...

Love the red wall!! I thought about doing that with the wall behind our bed - possibly a sage green. Everything looks so nice!

Melissa said...

Sage green would look very nice. I really like my wall too, I needed a new comforter so I asked Eric if I could paint the wall or get a comforter, He didn't want to paint so I got the comforter you see in the pictures. He hates to paint. I guess the wall was good for something.

Crystal Seward said...

Your house looks super nice! My daughter would love to come where you live and see all the tractors - she loves them! Sorry to say though, I love John Deere tractors, don't tell Eric! haha. I heard he's not too big on the green and yellow. Talk to ya later.