Thursday, August 9, 2012

Piper the Sheepdog

 My Dad has been after me to update the blog with picture of his Sheepdog.  Piper never wants her hair combed and so Grumpy named her sheepdog because of the look you see above and below. 
 So here you go Dad a few pictures of your sheepdog. 
She is also a princess who loves corn on the cob,  go to love my little girl.

*Update on Mommy and babies,  we are doing pretty good,  I have been feeling much better.  A few headaches and being overly tired are the main symptoms now (and having cravings for food we do not have in the house or in our small town.)  Monday August 20th we go see the Dr again and have an other ultrasound,  can't wait to see the little ones again.  And to make it even better my Mom will be with me,  that will make it very special.