Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday # 3!

 Miss Piper turned 3 today, so hard to believe.  I took her birthday photo's and thought they turned out great.  No party pictures yet, those will come later, the party is not until next weekend. 
 Crazy kid!  In this photo you can see the balloon wreath I made, Yeah! I made something from Pinterest.
 Birthday Balloons are always so much fun.
 So Thankful for this little bundle of energy, smiles and love.
 Little Cutie!
Happy Birthday baby girl, Mommy and Daddy love you so very much.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Miss Priss

Here is our little miss, so excited for her birthday this week(more on that later).  Grumpy was dying to see a new picture of his sheep dog, hope this works for you Dad.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day

 Miss Piper and her Mommy sure do like snow days, we stay in our pj's all day and just be lazy.  When Piper saw the snow this morning she wanted to go out and build a snowman,  Mommy quickly destroyed her plans, it is way too cold to go out and play.  As I write this post at 5:15pm it is 12degrees but the windchill is -15degrees, that is just way too cold for a little girl to go out and play.   Instead we are going to play games as a family when Daddy gets home from work.  
Sure wish I had a storm door.  Here is a sneak peek of the "other" house project we have had the carpenters work on, a new front porch and door.   More pic of that later.    So tell me how do your spend your "snow" day?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Piper loves her Tigers.  Geaux Tigers!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Transformation

 I am so excited to share our kitchen update with you, while we were away at Christmas we had our kitchen worked on.  It was so nice to come home and see the wonderful things that had been done.  So now I will give you a photo tour of the kitchen from the time we bought the house until now.  
  Below is the kitchen is the way to kitchen looked when we started cleaning it, the people were taking a lot longer to move out them what had been agreed on to we came in and began boxing stuff(junk) and putting it in the garage.  The first time we looked at the house I got home and asked Eric "what color were the counter tops?"  

We painted and cleaned, the kitchen was then presentable.
I disliked the dark cabinets so this fall I painted them, quite an undertaking.  The kitchen was now looking pretty good, except for the white and gold fleck counter top, and blue and orange peel and stick tile, that was coming up in big sections.  Every time you mopped or moved something across the floor more came up. 
Enter Winslow Home Improvements, those guys are great. As I said before while we were gone for Christmas we had the carpenters come and "help" our kitchen out.  We gave it the works,  new counter tops, ceramic tile, new sink, faucet and a Dishwasher.  I am so totally in love with that thing!
I am so thankful to have a "new" kitchen, it has been so fun rearranging things and decorating. 
Thank you to both sets of parents who helped us with this, it is a great Christmas present.    I hope you have enjoyed this photo tour, sure wish I could have my blog friends over and see it in person, I might even let you try my new Keurig coffee/drink maker.  Stay tuned, in the near future I will share with you the other great things that have been done to the house.   

Finished Object Friday

Don't you just love burlap?  I am finding so many uses for it, like this cute little sign I made.  I was needing something for a kitchen corner and was inspired to make this.  Picture frame, burlap and designs cut out with a cricut, so easy and cute.  I am joining Chari's Finished Object Friday, go over and see the cute pillowcases she made for Christmas gifts.  I can personally vouch for their cuteness since Miss Piper received one from Auntie Chari.  She loves it by the way.
  Stay tuned for an AMAZING kitchen makeover, pictures coming later today.