Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love her!

Nothing real important to post about just wanted to say that I love my little girl.  Expecting two more babies makes me wonder how I can love them as much as I love my first born,  now don't get me wrong I want the babies and know that I will love them all very much.  But having loved one child for 3 1/2 years and now that my love will be shared between three is sometimes overwhelming.   I know that once they arrive I will love all of them with a love only a mother can know.  Makes me think of how Jesus loves each and everyone of us,  there are millions of people in the world but He love me just as if I was his only child.  What an awsome LOVE.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


 17,18 weeks with the twins.
I did a fun comparison picture wearing the same outfit when I was pregnant with Piper and now with the twins.  Wow, you can defiantly see a difference.  The above picture is around 17,18 weeks and the picture below is around 16 weeks, so very close.  
16 weeks with Piper.
A fun fact for those of you who do not know but Miss Piper's actual due date was February 2( she came a week early) and the twins actual due date is February 3.  Can you say kinda crazy, we really were hoping to have a summer baby sometime but God was in control and we will not question His timing or plan but just be thankful that He is allowing us to be parents once again.

Piper's Big Girl Room

 Kind of a sad time for Mommy(my baby is growing up) but Miss Piper is loving it.  My Mom was here to visit a few weeks ago and we moved Piper into the spare room so the babies can have her old room.  We changed the comforter to something very girly and fun (Target) and found the perfect accessories at Hobby Lobby.
 She is enjoying the big bed,  when we told her she would be getting a new room with a big bed she said "Good now all my animals will not fall out."  I guess toddler beds are not made to hold 101(give or take a few) stuffed animals.   She is also enjoying having space for her child size Graco pack & play and swing, we got these pieces from her cousin, it is amazing how much they are like the real thing.
 The reading nook,  Piper will spend great amounts of time sitting in her bean bag reading books and listening to tapes.  She also loves her flower night light,  I love the fact that is matches the room so well and does not look like your ordinary night light(Ikea).
And lastly the toy box filled to the brim with dress up/princess clothes, shoes and accessories. 
Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing Pipers room, I was about to get in trouble by family members for not posting pictures yet.