Thursday, November 29, 2007

The table

My in-laws gave us this Longaberger table for our anniversary. I first put it in our room but finally decided it looked better in the entry way. The entry did not have anything in it because it is small but this table fits just perfect. Thank you to my in-laws for the gift, I really like it. Sorry this is a different post than the picture but my computer was not working right.

New Table...

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Do you wear giggles?

This morning Payton came to me with Eric's four wheeling goggles on. She said "Look I'm wearing Eric's giggles." Some days she says the funniest things, I don't know what I would do without her.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pretty ribbon, Pretty paper...

I began wrapping presents today. I got everything wrapped, that means I have to go shopping to get the rest of the presents. Eric finished getting the lights put on the house today. He did a great job, even though it was thirty degrees out. Thanks Eric, your so sweet. All the decorations are up and most of the shopping is done, now I can relax, make goodies and enjoy the holidays. I just love the Christmas season.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Home at last

This is on our way to Arkansas.
The dessert table. Doesn't it look good.
Grab a plate quick, it's going fast.
Celebrating Mimi's 80th birthday.
The Eight sibling and Mimi.

We had a wonderful time with our family in Arkansas, but it is always good to get back home again. Especially to my nice comfortable bed. We left here Wednesday morning and drove through snow and rain until we were some where in Missouri. Wednesday evening everyone that had arrived gathered at Mimi's for supper and lots of talking. Thursday we all went to Uncle Bill's and had dinner in the barn(there are rooms that are fixed up very nice). There was so much food and everything was delicious. Friday I went shopping with Mom, Mimi and Aunt Adonna we had a great time and saved lots of money, we didn't hardly buy anything. :) That evening we all gathered at Uncle Pete's house for leftovers. Eric and I came home on Saturday. We had such a good time, it it nice to have family that all get along without fussing and fighting.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Thousands of Graphics and Layouts
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Well I just wanted to write a quick note and tell all my friends and family Happy Thanksgiving. Payton just went down for a nap and I have a few minutes before I need to finish packing and make a pumpkin pie. We are leaving to go to Arkansas in the morning, it is a seven and a half hour trip. Really not bad, so we hope to arrive in good time. I know we are going to have a great time with the Norwood side of the family, alot of eating, talking and maybe even some shopping. Well I will not make a huge list of things I am thankful for because I don't have that much time. But I am very thankful for each one of you that have been thinking and praying for us and also took the time to write. Your notes were very encouraging. I love and appreciate all of you. I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy turkey day.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Our little Angel

There is a new little angel in heaven. Jesus must have needed a little angel more than it's Mommy and Daddy needed it here on earth. Even though we are saddened that we never got to meet this little one, we know that God is in control and He will always do what is best for us. So I hope that you will remember us in your prayers as we try to understand the reason for this loss. Now you know why there is a new angel in heaven.

It is finished!!!!

Well it is finally done. Thank goodness. After having worked on it for a few weeks I am so happy to be able to take it to town and turn it in. Now I just hope that after all my hard work I can win a prize. :) Oh well it I don't it was still fun doing it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What to post...?

Here are a few Christmas Pictures. They are not the greatest. Notice my knitting basket on the chair. The Piano and Payton's time out chair.
This is in my entryway.

Well I don't really have that much to say today except that we are still alive and kicking up here in the cold state of Iowa. The temp never got above 40 today and the wind was blowing, brr. This evening Eric had a chiropractor appointment in Ottummwa, so I went with him and we got a present for his dad and we went out for supper. I love it when I don't have to cook. I don't have to many more presents to buy and the ones I have to buy for are easy, so I am extremely happy. Well maybe I will have more exciting news for my many readers tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What a day!!

Well today has been one busy day. Our preacher and his family were coming over for supper and Payton did not want to obey very well today. So I had quite the time telling her not to turn the tree lights on and off, not to turn the computer screen off and much, much more. But anyway all the house work got done and the supper was very nice. I put Taco soup in the crockpot this morning and this afternoon I made some very yummy pumpkin bars. It was a new recipe but it turned out great. Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures of my Christmas decorations. I tried taking some to night but my camera is going dead and the pictures are fuzzy. Thank you to everyone that posted an anniversary greeting, we appreciated everyone of them. Today Eric went to town to get somethings and brought me a very pretty pink potted flower. He is such a sweetheart.

Fall Pumpkin Squares

2 t. cinnamon 2 c. sugar

1 t. baking soda 2 c. flour

1 t. salt 2 c. pumpkin

1 t. vanilla 1 c. oil

4 eggs

Mix all ingredients together. Pour mixture into jelly roll pan or 9"x13" and bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes(until toothpick comes out clean).


2 to 2 3/4 c. powdered sugar 3/4 stick of butter softened

8 to 11 oz. cream cheese 2 t. vanilla

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Spread on cooled pumpkin squares. Keep refrigerated.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my wonderful husband Eric. These three years have been some of the best ones of my life and I hope and pray we have many many more together. Although farm life has been a bit to get used to, I have enjoyed most of it. I love you so much. Love, Your loving wife.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Under Construction

Have any construction jobs you need done then don't delay any longer call: Melissa
(her specialty is building houses).
Well that's what I have been doing today, working on my gingerbread house. I watched Payton this morning and when she left the work begin again. I only have one wall the the detail work done. So I feel like I am doing good. What do you think? I'm a pretty good roofer too.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today I did a little housework and then brought some boxes of Christmas things upstairs. Payton was very eager to help me decorate, her idea of helping was to just get everything out of the box and ask what it was. She was quite happy that she got to help, she informed her mother that she helped me decorate. I am not quite done with the living room, once the tree is in place I can really tell how things are going to look.
It is so much fun having Payton around and I am sure many of your tire of me telling about her, but you should meet her. Today she gave me a hug and said "Your my best friend." How can you not love that. This afternoon she was eating "napioca pudding" Tapioca Pudding for a snack. Well that's about all I have so tell right now. I am very tired and really should go to bed. If all goes well they might be done harvesting tomorrow and then I will have a husband again. YEAH!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gingerbread pictures

The beginning of construction.
The first side mostly finished.
Wall props

The Gingerbread House

I began working on my log cabin gingerbread house yesterday afternoon. I have had fun working on it so far, but I am not anywhere near finished, by that time I might have a different opinion. Every year they hold a contest in town and display the houses in store windows on the square. So you know me I decided I should make one, I hope I win something for all this work. I will keep you posted on the progress of construction. I will post pictures later, it's not working right now.

The Happenings

Going here and there and doing this and that... Well here I am posting again, Mom I am alive. Payton and I have enjoyed getting to ride in the tractor and combine with Eric and Merlin this past week. Payton really enjoys it when Eric lets her "drive". This past Saturday I went to Christopher & Banks 40% off sale and found some cute clothes some needed and others "wanted" after my big shopping trip I came home and began getting my kitchen Christmas decorations out while I listened to the LSU game. I know some of you are complaining because I am getting the decorations out and it is not after Thanksgiving. Sorry, but I really enjoy my decorations so the earlier the better for me. So far I have the kitchen done and the little tree in the office done. I will post pictures when I get everything finished. Hopefully they will be done harvesting this week so my husband will get the big tree out of the basement for me he is really looking forward to that. :) Well that's all of my exciting life for now. Payton eating "candy corn"
Helping Eric drive.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Everyday life.

Well, just wanted to tell everyone thanks for their vote of confidence on the dishcloth. I started another one tonight but I am not using a pattern, so it could be very exciting.
This morning I had to go to the bank and the minute we walked up to the counter Payton started asking for stickers(the don't give candy. Thank goodness!) Well after the lady gave her stickers, she started asking about doughnuts. I don't know what that had to do with the bank but it gave the employees a laugh. Another funny thing that happened today was right after lunch, Payton got a little to wound up which is not good, her tummy can't handle bouncing and running after eating. Well to make a long story short Eric was lying on the living room floor and she came running up and threw up on his back. :( Eric kinda freaked out, I could not get it cleaned up fast enough for him. After we had cleaned the floor and Eric changed shirts; Payton went to him and gave him a hug and said "I'm sorry I pukied on you." Needless to say we will not be playing hard after lunch anymore. Sorry for the gross story but it was so funny because Eric about went crazy and Payton was so sorry that she did it.
Well I guess that's it for now until the next exciting thing happens in our house.