Thursday, November 1, 2007

Everyday life.

Well, just wanted to tell everyone thanks for their vote of confidence on the dishcloth. I started another one tonight but I am not using a pattern, so it could be very exciting.
This morning I had to go to the bank and the minute we walked up to the counter Payton started asking for stickers(the don't give candy. Thank goodness!) Well after the lady gave her stickers, she started asking about doughnuts. I don't know what that had to do with the bank but it gave the employees a laugh. Another funny thing that happened today was right after lunch, Payton got a little to wound up which is not good, her tummy can't handle bouncing and running after eating. Well to make a long story short Eric was lying on the living room floor and she came running up and threw up on his back. :( Eric kinda freaked out, I could not get it cleaned up fast enough for him. After we had cleaned the floor and Eric changed shirts; Payton went to him and gave him a hug and said "I'm sorry I pukied on you." Needless to say we will not be playing hard after lunch anymore. Sorry for the gross story but it was so funny because Eric about went crazy and Payton was so sorry that she did it.
Well I guess that's it for now until the next exciting thing happens in our house.

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Charity said...

Keep us updated on the "Adventures of a Dishcloth!" :) I have a hard time following patterns! Just go for it! :)