Monday, November 26, 2007

Home at last

This is on our way to Arkansas.
The dessert table. Doesn't it look good.
Grab a plate quick, it's going fast.
Celebrating Mimi's 80th birthday.
The Eight sibling and Mimi.

We had a wonderful time with our family in Arkansas, but it is always good to get back home again. Especially to my nice comfortable bed. We left here Wednesday morning and drove through snow and rain until we were some where in Missouri. Wednesday evening everyone that had arrived gathered at Mimi's for supper and lots of talking. Thursday we all went to Uncle Bill's and had dinner in the barn(there are rooms that are fixed up very nice). There was so much food and everything was delicious. Friday I went shopping with Mom, Mimi and Aunt Adonna we had a great time and saved lots of money, we didn't hardly buy anything. :) That evening we all gathered at Uncle Pete's house for leftovers. Eric and I came home on Saturday. We had such a good time, it it nice to have family that all get along without fussing and fighting.


rusty said...

Your pics turned out good. I got a great one to use for blackmail. It is the family pic that Aunt Adonna took in Mimi's backyard. You look great! Should I post it?
Love, Mom

Charity said...

Oh, please post it! :)

We had a good trip too... Mark is working on the computer, so hopefully I can post pictures soon! We were really glad to get back to our own bed, as well... we must be getting older! :)