Thursday, November 29, 2007

The table

My in-laws gave us this Longaberger table for our anniversary. I first put it in our room but finally decided it looked better in the entry way. The entry did not have anything in it because it is small but this table fits just perfect. Thank you to my in-laws for the gift, I really like it. Sorry this is a different post than the picture but my computer was not working right.


Charity said...

What a neat table! I like the decorations too! Hopefully I will get some pictures up of mine soon!

Charity said...

Hehehehe... I am listening to your music... You have Percy too!! :) Do you remember Darren and Dustin singing it? (like, um, 8-9 years ago?)

Candles said...

Hey! Like the new table. It looks great! I also love the new pic. It is so cute!