Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am in L-O-V-E

 Yes, I am in Love with my husband and my "new" kitchen.  Awhile back I showed you the evolving of the kitchen here, from dirty to clean, to painted cabinets, to new counter and floor, well I disliked the green walls with the new look.  Still loved the color but it was not jiving anymore and I was dying to have yellow.  My all time favorite color.    So here is the "new" look.   
 Thanks to my wonderful Mother for making my curtains,  they are so cute.  This picture does not do them justice,  I will have to take another one and post for you all to see  the cuteness.   Anyway I ordered my fabric from,  very reasonably priced fabric.  The idea for the curtains came from Pinterest,  love this kitchen. 
 My sweetheart brought me some old barn windows they were throwing out and wouldn't you know a few coats of paint and vinyl letters and WOW I have a very cheap decoration.  I have two more windows in the basement just waiting for me to transform them.
 Don't you just love the lighter wall color,  I know I do.  The decorating did not cost much mostly I just pulled things from the decoration closet and found new homes for it.  I am loving the airy, cottage look so much,  it sure makes having to spend time in the kitchen more enjoyable.
 The coffee corner.  Don't you just love the dotted mugs?  A birthday gift from my brother and soon to be sister in law, the mugs make drinking your coffee so fun.
And the last little counter, with it simple decorations.    Hope you enjoyed seeing the finished (for now) kitchen,  I say for now because with people like me you never know what I might change next. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter at our house

 As you can tell Piper really enjoyed dying eggs. 
 The Easter bunny came to help me make jello and what a cute bunny it was.
 Piper was thrilled with her Easter basket and the basket is for her trike, she is happy about that.  But we all know Easter is not all about the bunny, eggs or candy, no it is about a Man who gave his life for you and me, that we may have our sins forgiven and live with him forever.  Thank you Jesus for your gift to us.  If you ask Piper "what is Easter about?"  She will tell you "God's son, who died on the cross for us."  So glad my little girl is learning about Jesus.
 Here are a few photos we snapped when we go home from church, not bad for using a tripod and timer for some of them. 

 Love my little family.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter day wherever you may have been.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Smiling Faces!

 Pretty girl, no other words necessary.
 Happy smiles, heading for a overnight getaway.  I love that boy!
 Fun in the sun and sand.
Lunch on the patio, love that new patio.