Friday, February 8, 2013

Finally Home

 And here they are Mr. Blake and Miss Brenna,  finally home together.  Blake spent two and a half weeks in the NICU and Brenna spent five weeks there,  we were more then happy to finally get them both home.
  The hospital staff and care was the greatest but nothing beats home,  thankful the hospital provides "motel" like guest housing for a very affordable rate so I could be close to my babies(we live over an hour from the hospital).   There was nothing medically wrong with the babies just that they were premature and needed to grow.  Brenna did come home on a Apnea monitor(heart monitor)  because of drops in her heart rate mostly while sleeping,  this is a very common thing for preemies and she will eventually grow out of it.
I will tell you it is lots of work but I love my job. SMILE!    So now that we are home and getting on a schedule I will have more frequent updates and pictures of our crazy life.