Monday, April 29, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

This Mommy Moments Monday post is short and sweet because this Mommy is sick.  So here is a pretty little butterfly to brighten your day.   We took her to a carnival and she wanted to have a butterfly painted on her face,  of course she then did not want to have her face washed.   Silly Girl!
  Hope to be back to regular post on Wednesday.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Sorry this Fantastic Friday post is late but these photo's are worth the wait. 
  Happy 4 months to our duo!
 Just look at those fat little tummy's.   These two sure love to eat.
 A ball is so much more interesting to look at then Mommy with a camera
 The duo and their "Lovies"
 Happy little munchkins.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and check back next week for more great post.
*Dad, I will have pictures of Piper for you next week.   :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

Do your kids have a special "lovey or silky"?   Or did you you have one as a child?   All three of my kids do,  Piper has her duck, bunny and blanket.   And that is just what they are called duck, bunny, blanket or sometimes "silky",  she in not overly fond of naming her "silkies or dolls".   Blake has already become very attached to Mr. Monkey and Miss Brenna loves her Caterpillar.     I don't mind that my children have their stuffed friends, in fact I love it.  They comfort them when they are falling asleep or when riding in the car,  so of course I love it.   

I would love to know if you are enjoying these blog post,  please leave a comment and let me know.  What do you want to know about?   I would love to do a post on something that interest you.     

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

It's time to clean house!
Alright friends I want to know how you go about keeping your houses clean.   I did not realize how hard it would be to keep a clean house and keep up with laundry with a 4 year old and two babies.   I have never used a cleaning schedule but I am about to start.  I found one here that I kind of liked but it was not everything I needed or some it did not apply to us,  so I have altered it (I will post the new one later).    So tell me how you manage because I know some of you have beautifully clean homes.   Do you clean when you think it needs it or do you have a schedule?    I would love to know what works for you and your family.    I dislike having a messy house and I also dislike cleaning on the weekends.  
Our House Kitchen Sign New WMI think I need to hang this in our house.  So Cute!                                           *Source

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fantastic Friday

What's for supper?    Do you make a menu for the week/month or do you just decided that day what you are fixing for supper?   I have done both and I found that not having a menu for the week caused me to spend more money at the grocery store.   So I have been making out a menu for the week and only buy what I need for those meals and I am trying to use items that have been sitting in my cabinets.   This has really helped with the budget.  So tell me how to you plan your meals?   I would love to hear about it and I would also love for you to share one your families favorite meals.    I don't know about you but I like finding new items to add to the menu.  
   I found this recipe for Million Dollar Spaghetti on Pinterest and gave it a try,  LOVE IT.    Eric, Piper and I all agreed it was a keeper.      Happy eating and hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Small Wonder Wednesday

I don't know about you but I love for my babies to take a pacifier.   Not just to help keep them quiet in certain situations but also because it reduces SIDS and it is a great way for them to self sooth.   I am one of those "mean" Mommy's who rarely rocks her kids to sleep,  our nightly routine "usually" goes something like this ~ diaper change, pj's, bottle, bed.    The little ones are sleepy but not fully asleep when we put them down.    So it is nice for them to have a pacifier to help fall asleep.   We found the WubbaNub pacifier when we were in the hospital, love them.    Not only are these things cute but  they help keep the pacifier in baby's mouth, for we all know that newborn babies are great at spitting out pacifiers and make it easier to find in the night(no more binkies behind the bed).     The WubbaNub is not weighted other then the stuffing in the animal but it is just enough to help hold it in but not enough that they can not spit it out if they really wanted to.    If is also a "friend" for them to hold onto,  I know my littles sure did that.  
   These are great if you are having a little one or they would also make a great shower gift for a new mommy.   So many cute animals to choose from all with a "soothie" type pacifier attached. 
This photo was when the twins got home from the hospital,  you can see they both have their WubbaNubs.    Now that they are almost four months old they have decided they do not like this type of pacifier, silly kids.  
*This review was entirely my own,  it was not written for money or product.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

Good Monday morning friends,  I hope you all had a great weekend.   I know I sure did...I spray painted and redecorated.   It puts a smile on my face just typing it.   My entryway was driving me crazy.   It was dark (black bench, black shelf), so what do you think I did?   You guessed it,  painted the bench and took the shelf down.  I am loving the results. 
*This is the before,  as you can tell it was taken in the fall.  I did not take a pic before I started the redo. Smack my head!
 The after is so much better.   Sunny yellow, pretty blues and white...slowly turning this drab house into a "cottage".
 The old window came from a barn here on the farm,  they replaced the windows and were going to toss them.  I saved four of them from an awful death and gave them new life.  :)   I knew it need a banner so I used scrapes from my kitchen curtains(you can see those here) and made this one.   The lamp shade needed new life so it to got a makeover,  I covered the shade with burlap and glued a few fabric flowers on it.
And of course the bench got a coat of white paint,   it now looks worthy to be in my entry.
The other side also go a little love,  the frame was red but is now blue.   I am amazing with a can of spray paint,  not really I just have a good time.   The other day my husband said "is there anything in this house that has not been spray painted?"    It sure is cheaper then buying new.     Well that is my Mommy Moment for the week,  hope you enjoyed your peek into our entry.
And just to make you smile here is a cute picture of the kiddos.  Piper informed me they were camping.  She sure does love her babies. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fantastic Friday

With summer vacations and road trips approaching I thought I would share with you some of things I bring along to keep Piper entertained and happy in the car and also some neat ideas I have found on Pinterest.   *click highlighted words to go to Pinterest link.
1.  If your child loves to do puzzles, color, play with cars or magnets these trays are a must.  We did this and Piper loved it.

2.  A very hand way to keep snacks organized and not get squished.

3.  BooginHead Squeez'ems ~  fill with your own puree.

4.  Always pack a favorite blanket and a pillow.   I love the idea for this pillow,  I will be making it before our summer vacation(no more head on her knees for Piper)

5. Fist Aid Kit is a must, you know how crazy kids can be and you also know that someone just might get sick.  Germs are rampant!

6.   I love this idea for packing kids clothes,  you put the outfits together but they still get a choice.  I did this last year and it made getting ready for the day so easy.

I know there are many more ideas for travel out there and I would love to hear from you.  Which was your favorite in this list?   Maybe you have "pinned" or just have so great travel tip for kids or adults,  if so please leave a comment or link.   Thanks for joining me for another Fantastic Friday.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's A Party!

Hi Blogging Friends,
  I am having a Tupperware Party.  If you would be interested in ordering anything please send me your email address and I will send you a link to my online party.     Thanks!
   Remember if you like what you are reading on my little blog tell your friends and don't forget to follow the blog. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

Slightly windblown but enjoying her applesauce

Don't you just love it when you find ways to save money!   I know I sure do.  Well my little girl just loves what she calls "squishy fruit."  You probably know it as Applesauce in the squeeze pouches.  These are great for easy snacks, no mess, no get the picture.  I usually buy mine at Costco and save a little money but as I was looking at Pinterest the other day I came across a pin for refillable pouches.  I knew I needed to find some.   To make a long story short I found some at a local Wal-Mart for about $8.00 for two.  The initial cost seems high for two pouches but I know in the long run it will save me money.   The pouches I bought are made by BooginHead but I know there are others who make them.  So far I really like them,  dishwasher safe, freezable and easy to fill.  I cannot wait to use them for homemade baby food for the twins.  I am thinking I will have to invest in some more.  These will be so much better then carrying heavy jars of baby food(for 2 babies) in the diaper bag.  
*This review was entirely my own, it was not done for money or product.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

Birth Story Part 2
   Staying five weeks in a hospital was quite a learning experience, it seemed forever long to us and yet in was just a fraction of the amount of time others have had to spend there.   Even though the twins were born six weeks early they were very healthy, 5 pounds apiece, for twins born six weeks early that is big.    Although they were healthy they were still not very strong and needed to learn how to take all feedings by mouth,  they would tire out and thus have to be tube feed.   I feed them their first bottles when they were three days old,  this was also the first day I got to hold them.   They felt so tiny and fragile in my arms,  but boy did Blake have a set of lungs.  
    We were so thankful the hospital had guest housing for a very low price for parents who have children in the hospital.  The rooms were just like a small hotel room but it was home to us.    We met so many great people there,  you get to know a few nurses pretty well and find a few that are your favorites.  Faces of the cafeteria workers, cleaning crew and other become familiar.  It is an experience that is hard to describe,  Eric and I still talk about it and say it all still seems surreal that we spent over a month of our lives living in a hospital.  
    The twins had the greatest care and within two and a half weeks Blake was discharged.   Brenna was in an other two and a half weeks for Bradycardia (spells),  this is something that occurs in most premature babies and is usually outgrown by their due date.  She was discharged five weeks after birth but had to wear an apnea monitor for two months,  so thankful to now have a "wireless" child.  
    I think one of the hardest things I have ever had to do is leave my babies and go home(over an hour away), I knew they were in good hands but I still cried.    So may say "I would never leave my babies",  well you see I had another "baby" to still be the mother of and we had not finished having Christmas or had any thing packed so we could stay close to the twins. 
  There was one day when I was so tired of living there, frustrated because Brenna would have another spell and they would say we could not leave.  My Mom and I were walking down the hall complaining about this when we overheard a woman saying how happy she was that her baby now weighed two pounds,  it seemed kinda like a gentle slap from God saying "Melissa, what are you complaining about?  Your babies are healthy without  problems, Brenna only needs to mature."   We later talked to the woman and found out her baby was only 13oz at birth.    I cannot thank God enough for his hand on my and my babies during and after pregnancy.   God really is an awesome God.     During all this my husband was my rock,  holding me, wiping my tears and being a great Daddy.  I love you Eric.    Both sets of Grandparents were wonderful help.  Eric's parents helped with Piper and visited, brought food regularly.   My parents were able to come visit two weeks after the babies were born and they brought such comfort to my aching heart.   There is nothing like a hug from your Mommy & Daddy.    And that concludes Blake and Brenna's birth story,  I am sure I left something out, it is a lot to remember and retell in a blog post.  If you have any question feel free to ask.  

 Blake Levi shortly after birth ~ so much wiring for a little guy.
 Brenna Joy ~ holding big sisters finger.
 And here they are now, hard to tell they were born six weeks early.   They are both weighing over 11 lbs and the Dr. thinks they are developing right on track.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Well here we are ready to start the weekend,  Let the fun begin.   Tell me what does your family does on the weekend,   eat a big Saturday breakfast,  have a fun Friday night out,  play games or maybe you don't do much of anything.  Whatever you do or have done I would love to hear about it.    I must admit I am looking for some ideas, the only thing we do almost every weekend is have breakfast for supper on Saturday night.   Sometimes on Friday nights we will go out for supper or play games with Piper but that is usually the extent of it.   This weekend however we do have plans,  we are headed to visit some great friends.  So without further ramblings let the weekend fun begin.    
  *Remember to tell me about your favorite weekend activity and you just might be featured on next weeks post.  

Here are a few picture of the kiddos on Easter.   My Dad likes to get on my blog and see pictures of his grandkids,  so I must keep him happy.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

Today is the first post of Small Wonders Wednesday,  this will be the day I review products or talk about the little things that make life easier or more enjoyable.    
    Baby Breeza  temp control water kettle,  this little kettle has made life to much easier.   As you can imagine with two babies keeping bottles clean, enough formula on hand is a chore, not to mention making the bottles and getting the water just the right temp.   I read about this kettle on a twins forum and did some research on it,   it sounded like a dream come true.   When Piper was a baby we did the big "No, No" and heated her bottles in the microwave, as you know this is not a good idea and I knew I did not want to be doing that with two babies.   So I began the search of where to find this "small wonder",  it can be found several places,, Target and Amazon just to name a few.     I know to some this post does not apply to some who are breastfeeding but for those of us who do not want to breastfeed or cannot or maybe are adopting a little one, this is a great gadget to have.      The Baby Breeza keeps the water at 98 degrees (which is the same temp as breast milk) and it holds 50oz of water.    So this is my "Small Wonder" for the day,  I can make a bottle (just the right temp) with one hand, while bouncing a crying baby.   Hooray for the things Mommies can accomplish with one hand!   
    I hope you all enjoyed my first review and I also hope you are enjoying the return of spring.   It can not come fast enough for us.    Piper is enjoying the somewhat warmer days and also her Easter kite (of course it is Cinderella, everything is).     Stay tuned for a new post of Friday. 
*This review was entirely my own, it was not done for money or product

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

As promised I am starting something new with this blog, beginning with Mommy Moments Monday's.   And to get it all started I am going to share with you the birth of the twins and just a little bit of the fears, tears and happiness we went through.   This is a very long post so I hope you will grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you drink and read enjoy this post.
   Well to begin at the beginning I would have to start with a year ago when life seemed pretty dark,  we wanted to have another baby and it did not seem like God was answering our prayers.   I cried prayed and tried to remember that even if we did not have another child we still had our precious Piper.   Then around the end of May I found our I was expecting, we were very excited.   By eight weeks I already knew this pregnancy was going to be different,  that is when we found out we were expecting twins.   We were over joyed,  we had prayed for just one baby and yet God was blessing us with two.  I also was filled with sadness and yes, guilt because you see one of my best friends home has not YET been blessed with a child,  I felt guilty because God had already given me a child and now He was blessing us with two more.   It took me awhile of crying and praying before I was able to tell her our news.  Of course she was over joyed and can not wait to meet them,  she is the best Auntie in the world.   And just so you know her and her husband are waiting to adopt a precious gift from God  and I can't wait to be their little ones favorite Auntie.   (Love you Chari)     Now on to the rest of the pregnancy,  let me tell you twin pregnancy is different then a singleton,  can you say tired with a capital T.   But other then being sick and tired for a few months I had a perfect pregnancy.  My due date was February 1st but I knew in my heart I would not make it that long,  we just have a way of knowing these things.   I  just kept telling myself and everyone else "I just want to get through Christmas."  I even had it on our Christmas bucket list "Make it through December."    Christmas Eve was spent with my in laws,  we went to town walked around the town square in the snow, saw Santa and opened gifts.   But at 4:30am I knew these little ones were not following my orders and staying put until after Christmas and so we woke Piper at 5:30am and told her to open her gifts because Mommy had to go to the hospital.   At this point in my story I usually people are usually saying "you did not go to the hospital right then?"   And to this I say "NO" ,  some of you know Christmas is a very big deal to me and I could not miss out on seeing my little girl open the gifts she had wanted so badly.   To make a long story short we did finally leave for the hospital but not before my water broke and I was in very real labor.   The hospital is over an hour away from our house but we made it there in record time (FYI: traffic at 6am Christmas morning is very light).    We arrived at 7am and I was immediately prepped for surgery(repeat C-section)  and Blake Levi entered the world at 8:10 am, followed by Brenna Joy at 8:11am.    And thus began our 5weeks stay at the hospital.  
   Part two coming next week.   
 Blake Levi ~ 3 days old,  first time holding him.
Brenna Joy ~ 3 days old, first time holding her.