Friday, April 19, 2013

Fantastic Friday

What's for supper?    Do you make a menu for the week/month or do you just decided that day what you are fixing for supper?   I have done both and I found that not having a menu for the week caused me to spend more money at the grocery store.   So I have been making out a menu for the week and only buy what I need for those meals and I am trying to use items that have been sitting in my cabinets.   This has really helped with the budget.  So tell me how to you plan your meals?   I would love to hear about it and I would also love for you to share one your families favorite meals.    I don't know about you but I like finding new items to add to the menu.  
   I found this recipe for Million Dollar Spaghetti on Pinterest and gave it a try,  LOVE IT.    Eric, Piper and I all agreed it was a keeper.      Happy eating and hope you all have a great weekend.


Sarah Adams said...

Ok. So I don't have a meal method I just cook a lot and spend a fortune on groceries lol! I need to fix that! I wrote down that recipe...can you say 1 million calories =)

Brittany said...

I'm with you - I have to make a menu plan every week or else I spend way too much at the store!

RicKaren said...

I've been a menu and list kinda girl from day one. If I forget my list, I go home. My menu is for 5 days (we have leftovers 1 day and eat out another--or sometimes have leftovers another). I always consult with pinterest when making my menu...usually I have pinned enough through the week to try a few new recipes.

Gillian Davis said...

Oddly enough (since we all know I'm an oddball!), I spend waaay more if I try to make a menu. I just have a certain amount that I try to stay within each week, and buy basic items that I know I'll use - meats (when they're on sale for really good prices I try to stock up), your basic 'carbs' (potatoes, rice, and pastas), and veggies; I don't like to use any more processed foods than I have to, so very little canned soups, dressing mixes, etc; and lunch stuff for the hubby and fruit and cheese sticks for the kids. Obviously, there are other things I buy to keep the pantry stocked, but those are the basics.
The other thing is: Do it all in one trip! The more trips I make to the store, the more over budget I go - that trip for just one or two things ALWAYS turns into four or five - or ten - things.
Generally, just with buying the basic stuff most of the time, and every once in a while buying specific stuff for certain recipes, I come out better on the money side - and we still have penty of variety (I try not to make the same thing more than once, maybe twice, in a month.)