Monday, April 1, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

As promised I am starting something new with this blog, beginning with Mommy Moments Monday's.   And to get it all started I am going to share with you the birth of the twins and just a little bit of the fears, tears and happiness we went through.   This is a very long post so I hope you will grab a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you drink and read enjoy this post.
   Well to begin at the beginning I would have to start with a year ago when life seemed pretty dark,  we wanted to have another baby and it did not seem like God was answering our prayers.   I cried prayed and tried to remember that even if we did not have another child we still had our precious Piper.   Then around the end of May I found our I was expecting, we were very excited.   By eight weeks I already knew this pregnancy was going to be different,  that is when we found out we were expecting twins.   We were over joyed,  we had prayed for just one baby and yet God was blessing us with two.  I also was filled with sadness and yes, guilt because you see one of my best friends home has not YET been blessed with a child,  I felt guilty because God had already given me a child and now He was blessing us with two more.   It took me awhile of crying and praying before I was able to tell her our news.  Of course she was over joyed and can not wait to meet them,  she is the best Auntie in the world.   And just so you know her and her husband are waiting to adopt a precious gift from God  and I can't wait to be their little ones favorite Auntie.   (Love you Chari)     Now on to the rest of the pregnancy,  let me tell you twin pregnancy is different then a singleton,  can you say tired with a capital T.   But other then being sick and tired for a few months I had a perfect pregnancy.  My due date was February 1st but I knew in my heart I would not make it that long,  we just have a way of knowing these things.   I  just kept telling myself and everyone else "I just want to get through Christmas."  I even had it on our Christmas bucket list "Make it through December."    Christmas Eve was spent with my in laws,  we went to town walked around the town square in the snow, saw Santa and opened gifts.   But at 4:30am I knew these little ones were not following my orders and staying put until after Christmas and so we woke Piper at 5:30am and told her to open her gifts because Mommy had to go to the hospital.   At this point in my story I usually people are usually saying "you did not go to the hospital right then?"   And to this I say "NO" ,  some of you know Christmas is a very big deal to me and I could not miss out on seeing my little girl open the gifts she had wanted so badly.   To make a long story short we did finally leave for the hospital but not before my water broke and I was in very real labor.   The hospital is over an hour away from our house but we made it there in record time (FYI: traffic at 6am Christmas morning is very light).    We arrived at 7am and I was immediately prepped for surgery(repeat C-section)  and Blake Levi entered the world at 8:10 am, followed by Brenna Joy at 8:11am.    And thus began our 5weeks stay at the hospital.  
   Part two coming next week.   
 Blake Levi ~ 3 days old,  first time holding him.
Brenna Joy ~ 3 days old, first time holding her.


Nadine said...

The twins are beautiful! <3 Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the next episode.

June Robinson said...

Okay, so you had me crying again. Love you and all my babies.

Charity said...

I was so excited to get that text with a picture of "Baby A" AND "Baby B!!!!" I'm soo happy you got your twins! ;) Love you all! (And I'm loving the posts!! You're inspiring me to maybe do a little more blogging myself...) :)

RicKaren said...

Nothing like a good birth story! Your twins are such a blessing!

Brittany said...

Sweet story! There's no greater Christmas present than that =)

Jennifer Truitt said...

Two little cuties who joined Miss Piper!!