Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

It's time to clean house!
Alright friends I want to know how you go about keeping your houses clean.   I did not realize how hard it would be to keep a clean house and keep up with laundry with a 4 year old and two babies.   I have never used a cleaning schedule but I am about to start.  I found one here that I kind of liked but it was not everything I needed or some it did not apply to us,  so I have altered it (I will post the new one later).    So tell me how you manage because I know some of you have beautifully clean homes.   Do you clean when you think it needs it or do you have a schedule?    I would love to know what works for you and your family.    I dislike having a messy house and I also dislike cleaning on the weekends.  
Our House Kitchen Sign New WMI think I need to hang this in our house.  So Cute!                                           *Source


RicKaren said...

Five kids, pastor's wife and homeschool? Schedule! (Plus other stuff that I see needs it!) PS, I'm enjoying all your blogging! Great job!

Sarah Adams said...

Cute sign! I will be honest...I have to strive to keep it all going. I know this sounds funny, but I have company a couple of times a month to keep me on my toes.Nothing like guests to motivate a deep cleaning =) I know you have little ones, but I encourage kid cleaning and have mine pitch in wherever needed. Every morning when I get up I go ahead and start a load of laundry that can be washing then drying while I load dishwasher if needed etc. Best of luck to ya!

Brittany said...

I don't have a very strict cleaning schedule - we're pretty laid back around here ;) But, every night before bed the boys pick up their rooms, and put all their things away. I can't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, or things not put away... Then whenever it needs it, the guys each have jobs they do like vacuuming, taking out garbage, etc. I take care of the bathrooms and mopping and stuff like that whenever it looks like it needs it. I like to do 2 loads of laundry every day, then it stays caught up without becoming overwhelming. We've taught the little guys to help out early on - now it's natural to them to clean up after themselves after meals, put their clean clothes away, clean their rooms, etc - it's good for them and it helps Mommy, too =) One day their wives will thank me ;)

Melissa said...

Thanks ladies for your comments and advice, I so enjoy reading each one. You all inspire me!