Friday, April 5, 2013

Fantastic Friday

Well here we are ready to start the weekend,  Let the fun begin.   Tell me what does your family does on the weekend,   eat a big Saturday breakfast,  have a fun Friday night out,  play games or maybe you don't do much of anything.  Whatever you do or have done I would love to hear about it.    I must admit I am looking for some ideas, the only thing we do almost every weekend is have breakfast for supper on Saturday night.   Sometimes on Friday nights we will go out for supper or play games with Piper but that is usually the extent of it.   This weekend however we do have plans,  we are headed to visit some great friends.  So without further ramblings let the weekend fun begin.    
  *Remember to tell me about your favorite weekend activity and you just might be featured on next weeks post.  

Here are a few picture of the kiddos on Easter.   My Dad likes to get on my blog and see pictures of his grandkids,  so I must keep him happy.

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Stephanie said...

Hello Melissa. I "found" your blog not long ago while surfing other holiness blogs and have loved reading about your twins and little girl. I especially love the pic of your little girl on this post - she is so cute and I LOVE the Easter dress.... My husband and I are blessed with four little girls - ages 9, 8, 4 and 3!! Would you mind sharing where you found this dress? I would love one or a similar one for our girls this summer. You can email me at
And I know one of your good friends - Charity.
I have enjoyed your blog and will be back to visit!
Stephanie Ryan