Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Small Wonder Wednesday

I don't know about you but I love for my babies to take a pacifier.   Not just to help keep them quiet in certain situations but also because it reduces SIDS and it is a great way for them to self sooth.   I am one of those "mean" Mommy's who rarely rocks her kids to sleep,  our nightly routine "usually" goes something like this ~ diaper change, pj's, bottle, bed.    The little ones are sleepy but not fully asleep when we put them down.    So it is nice for them to have a pacifier to help fall asleep.   We found the WubbaNub pacifier when we were in the hospital, love them.    Not only are these things cute but  they help keep the pacifier in baby's mouth, for we all know that newborn babies are great at spitting out pacifiers and make it easier to find in the night(no more binkies behind the bed).     The WubbaNub is not weighted other then the stuffing in the animal but it is just enough to help hold it in but not enough that they can not spit it out if they really wanted to.    If is also a "friend" for them to hold onto,  I know my littles sure did that.  
   These are great if you are having a little one or they would also make a great shower gift for a new mommy.   So many cute animals to choose from all with a "soothie" type pacifier attached. 
This photo was when the twins got home from the hospital,  you can see they both have their WubbaNubs.    Now that they are almost four months old they have decided they do not like this type of pacifier, silly kids.  
*This review was entirely my own,  it was not written for money or product.


Sarah Adams said...

Those pacis are the cutest! My youngest is 7, so baby stuff is new and super cute to me these days! 4 months? WOW!

Charity said...

I think those are awesome and so smart! :) Such cute kiddos and growing so fast! :)

Brittany said...

My first one LOVED soothies - those things were a life saver. My other two wouldn't take any paci of any kind, and they were both much more fussy! It's better for Mom when babies like their paci :)

So hard to believe the duo is 4 months old already! Cuties!