Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

Good Monday morning friends,  I hope you all had a great weekend.   I know I sure did...I spray painted and redecorated.   It puts a smile on my face just typing it.   My entryway was driving me crazy.   It was dark (black bench, black shelf), so what do you think I did?   You guessed it,  painted the bench and took the shelf down.  I am loving the results. 
*This is the before,  as you can tell it was taken in the fall.  I did not take a pic before I started the redo. Smack my head!
 The after is so much better.   Sunny yellow, pretty blues and white...slowly turning this drab house into a "cottage".
 The old window came from a barn here on the farm,  they replaced the windows and were going to toss them.  I saved four of them from an awful death and gave them new life.  :)   I knew it need a banner so I used scrapes from my kitchen curtains(you can see those here) and made this one.   The lamp shade needed new life so it to got a makeover,  I covered the shade with burlap and glued a few fabric flowers on it.
And of course the bench got a coat of white paint,   it now looks worthy to be in my entry.
The other side also go a little love,  the frame was red but is now blue.   I am amazing with a can of spray paint,  not really I just have a good time.   The other day my husband said "is there anything in this house that has not been spray painted?"    It sure is cheaper then buying new.     Well that is my Mommy Moment for the week,  hope you enjoyed your peek into our entry.
And just to make you smile here is a cute picture of the kiddos.  Piper informed me they were camping.  She sure does love her babies. 


Brittany said...

I love it, Melissa! There's nothing a little spray paint can't fix ;) The window is awesome, and the bunting on it is so cute! Love that yellow frame, too =)

RicKaren said...

I really like what you did with the entryway. Cute kiddos too!

Charity said...

Love it!! SO glad you saved the windows!! I have an old window from one of our homes we lived in growing up. I've just been storing it waiting for the perfect spot. Hopefully I'll find a place for it soon. I love your brighter colors - pretty yellow!! :)