Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommy Moments Monday

Birth Story Part 2
   Staying five weeks in a hospital was quite a learning experience, it seemed forever long to us and yet in was just a fraction of the amount of time others have had to spend there.   Even though the twins were born six weeks early they were very healthy, 5 pounds apiece, for twins born six weeks early that is big.    Although they were healthy they were still not very strong and needed to learn how to take all feedings by mouth,  they would tire out and thus have to be tube feed.   I feed them their first bottles when they were three days old,  this was also the first day I got to hold them.   They felt so tiny and fragile in my arms,  but boy did Blake have a set of lungs.  
    We were so thankful the hospital had guest housing for a very low price for parents who have children in the hospital.  The rooms were just like a small hotel room but it was home to us.    We met so many great people there,  you get to know a few nurses pretty well and find a few that are your favorites.  Faces of the cafeteria workers, cleaning crew and other become familiar.  It is an experience that is hard to describe,  Eric and I still talk about it and say it all still seems surreal that we spent over a month of our lives living in a hospital.  
    The twins had the greatest care and within two and a half weeks Blake was discharged.   Brenna was in an other two and a half weeks for Bradycardia (spells),  this is something that occurs in most premature babies and is usually outgrown by their due date.  She was discharged five weeks after birth but had to wear an apnea monitor for two months,  so thankful to now have a "wireless" child.  
    I think one of the hardest things I have ever had to do is leave my babies and go home(over an hour away), I knew they were in good hands but I still cried.    So may say "I would never leave my babies",  well you see I had another "baby" to still be the mother of and we had not finished having Christmas or had any thing packed so we could stay close to the twins. 
  There was one day when I was so tired of living there, frustrated because Brenna would have another spell and they would say we could not leave.  My Mom and I were walking down the hall complaining about this when we overheard a woman saying how happy she was that her baby now weighed two pounds,  it seemed kinda like a gentle slap from God saying "Melissa, what are you complaining about?  Your babies are healthy without  problems, Brenna only needs to mature."   We later talked to the woman and found out her baby was only 13oz at birth.    I cannot thank God enough for his hand on my and my babies during and after pregnancy.   God really is an awesome God.     During all this my husband was my rock,  holding me, wiping my tears and being a great Daddy.  I love you Eric.    Both sets of Grandparents were wonderful help.  Eric's parents helped with Piper and visited, brought food regularly.   My parents were able to come visit two weeks after the babies were born and they brought such comfort to my aching heart.   There is nothing like a hug from your Mommy & Daddy.    And that concludes Blake and Brenna's birth story,  I am sure I left something out, it is a lot to remember and retell in a blog post.  If you have any question feel free to ask.  

 Blake Levi shortly after birth ~ so much wiring for a little guy.
 Brenna Joy ~ holding big sisters finger.
 And here they are now, hard to tell they were born six weeks early.   They are both weighing over 11 lbs and the Dr. thinks they are developing right on track.  


Sarah said...

Aww! I love the story! When Isaac fractured his spleen and we we're at the children's hospital I found out real quick how blessed I was! We we're in the hall choosing lunch and a lady beside me was holding her baby knowing that she only had a few days left. Broke my heart! Your babies look so healthy! Love the Easter bibs!

Brittany said...

I don't know what it's like to have to leave your baby at the hospital, but when Jackson was born, they whisked him off to NICU, and I didn't get to see him for almost 2 days! (because I had just had surgery and couldn't hardly move...) Talk about torture to a brand new mom. We laughed at how ridiculous he looked in there - here was this 10 pound whopper laying amongst all the little 2 pound preemies ;)
We spent a LOT of time at the hospital in Iowa City while going through so much fertility issues, we got to know everybody well - it's a great place! Everybody there was wonderful.
So glad your babies are doing so well now! What a blessing!! They are adorable =)

The Dickinsons said...

Bless your heart. I cannot IMAGINE 5 weeks in the hospital, nor having to leave your babies there to go home for a little while. Thank you for sharing your birth story.

Your twins are SO SWEET AND CUTE!! =)