Saturday, March 24, 2012

The month of March at our house!

 March started out with me wondering if I was crazy for starting another painting project but now that it is finished I love it.  Photo's to come.   The other day my Mom asked Piper "Do you like to paint?"  Piper replied "No, my Mommy does."  SMILE-she knows me well.
 This month we also added to our family, this sweet guy just showed up one day and now thinks he belongs.  We have named him Prince Harry,  we all love him (even Eric, though he will not admit it).
 After trying to drive her car around outside with sandals on(they were not working very well), Piper came running inside and found her Pink John Deere boots and said "these will work much better".  Love that little girl.
 Spring is here,  we have been enjoying warmer than normal temps for March.  Love it!
And last but not least my Mom came for her annual spring visit.  We had so much fun, making curtains, prettying up the house and of course shopping  and enjoying cups of coffee together.  I Love my Mom.  Thanks for coming to see us NeeNee, can't wait until you come back and bring Grumpy.   

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished Object...Welcome

I am loving having a nice front door to hang wreaths on.  I got the basic idea for this wreath from Pinterest and then just made it my on. Check out my "Door Love" board, I have pinned a lot of great door decoration ideas.(click on the Pinterest link above).   I also found the flower tutorial on there, they were extremely easy to make (will be making more.)  Well that is all for my finished object, I am linking up to the Charitree for her Finished Object Friday Party, check out they yummy looking cake she made.  :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Randomness

The work on our porch is coming along great. The porch and the roofing job would go a lot quicker if snow would not interrupt.

Making homemade finger paint, holding a baby, cutting up carrots for supper and wearing a spotted t-shirt cause I was about to tackle a painting project(I AM SUPER MOM!).

My two Princesses Piper and Payton.
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