Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great Deals!

We had a great time in Des Moines despite that the wind was blowing probably 30 or more miles an hour and the temp was 3 degrees. Kim and I dropped the guys off at the farm show and went to Michael's, after that the mall, where we stayed for the rest of the day. I got this really cute red wool coat, it was 75 % off and the boots were also on sale. I just love a good bargain. I did buy Eric a present, a toaster oven. He actually thought it was neat, tried it out when we got home. Thanks Merlin and Kim for taking us and for the wonderful supper at Outback, the shrimp and cheesecake were delicious.

Isn't the coat a great color.
I am going to try to make a baby bib. The pattern sounds simple
enough. The yarn is so soft and the color is perfect for a baby girl.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm going shopping...

I sound excited don't I? Well I am, We meaning Eric and I, Kim and Merlin are going to Des Moines in the morning. The guys are going to a huge farm show and us girls are going shopping. I am hoping to find lots of good bargains, I don't really need anything but it is always fun to look. Today I got some sad news, my cousin Christie Larson found out today that she lost her baby. She went for here eighteen week check-up and found out she had lost it. I wish you would pray for her and her husband Mike. I know they would appreciate it. I know we sure did when we experienced our loss.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The winter blues...

Oh what you do when you have the winter blues. Yesterday I was so tired of cold weather, that I decided to give myself a pedicure. It was 14 degrees at the time. Though no one can see it unless I take off my socks or my cozy slippers(sometimes both). Oh Well, it sure made me feel better. I am ready to be wearing my flip flops and working outside. You know it must really be love for me to endure this cold weather for 4 to5 months out of the year. Well not much else has happened here, except this morning Payton and I put up the Valentines tree. I will try to get pictures of that soon. I sure hope everyone else is keeping warm and cozy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here you go Mom

This is for you Mom, you wanted to see what the picture looked like. I really like it. Thank you so much for the great Christmas gift. It looks good with the lamps too.

Here is the fabric I am thinking of using in the office/scrapbook room. I am trying to get inspiration for the curtains. Does anyone have any great ideas?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just a reminder...

Just a quick note to let you know there are three days left to look and shop at my online Tupperware party. If you need the link just leave me a comment and I will make sure you get one. Some of you may have gotten reminder emails, if you would like you can follow the link on there. Thanks for looking and for shopping. I appreciate it and I know you will enjoy your items. If you have any questions please let me know and I will try to answer them. Have a wonderful Monday evening

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What to do today?

The company's gone and Eric is gone to a auction in Missouri, so I have the whole day to do anything I want too. But now comes the hard question, to I want to work or play. :) We had a good time with Jennifer and Lane, he is definitely all boy(he loved playing with tractors and having a pillow fight with Eric). Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and I guess I will find something to do with all my "spare" time.

The "binka" buddies. Payton calls her pacifier a binka.
What a sweetheart.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Company's here

My cousin Jennifer and her little boy Lane come today, they are going to spend the night with us and then go to her sisters in St. Louis. It is very nice to have them, we don't get company often. Lane and Payton had a good time playing together until it was past nap time for both of them and then the fights began. I will post pictures of them later.
To answer your question Michelle, yes I did figure out who you are and it is great to have you for a blogging friend. I just love to get in touch with people I know but have not been in contact with in a long time. And also the Tupperware party is still going on, about 5 or 6 more days.
Well I guess that's all for now. Your probably wondering why I'm blogging instead of visiting with my guest, well she is taking a nap with Lane, poor Jennifer had a headache.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jerky anyone?

Last night when we got home from church Eric and I mixed up a batch of jerky.(I guess that's what you call it, a batch.) This fall someone gave us a deer and so we decided to make jerky out of it. Monday night Eric's Uncle Tom came over and helped Eric debone & take the fat off the meat.(I did not get a picture of that, but there was blood all over my kitchen island and even some on the floor. Bleach to the rescue.) After cutting it up they went to another relatives who has a commercial meat grinder and so now we have a cooler full of ground deer. I don't know exactly how much we have, but enough to keep up supplied with jerky for a long time.

Weighing the meat, the measurement have to be exact to know how much seasoning and cure to add.

Mixing and Mixing you have to mix it for five minutes, it gets really sticky. Then we had to refrigerate it over night. Today we will put it in the dehydrator.
Thanks Matt for letting us use your Jerky Shooter and seasoning. I am sure it will be good.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Loved by God

I read this quote in my Sisterchicks devotional this morning and thought I would
share it with y'all It really made me think about how much God does love and care for us even when everything seems to be going wrong in life, He is always there.
"For we are so preciously loved by God that we cannot even comprehend it. No created being can ever know how much and how sweetly and tenderly God loves them. It is only with the help of his grace that we are able to persevere in spiritual contemplation with endless wonder at his high, surpassing, immeasurable love which our Lord in his goodness has for us." Julian of Norwich

Monday, January 14, 2008

Neat blog

I got this linkoff of Chari's blog. It quite neat and helpful. Check it out, and become a Company Girl too. Here is another good site too. If you are always looking for coupons like me. I bought myself a coupon organizer recently and now I don't have to dig through the junk drawer to find them. How wonderful. :)

Trying to scrapbook again...

Well I finally started scrapbooking again. All my stuff was in our basement, not in the best spot to be used, so I moved it into our office and I have actually started to use it. Now maybe I will get our wedding done.

This is Payton relaxing in the hammock, I just love this picture, it just says "summer."
Here is my dress fitting. Oh if I could only fit into that dress again.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shopping again...

Well I've been at it again. Yesterday I cleaned my house so today I could go play. I had a good time spending my gift cards and also buying scrapbook stuff, now maybe I will get our wedding pics done. Isn't this little dress and sweater adorable? I got them for Dustin and Jessica Dodd baby, who will be arriving in April. It was such a great deal I could not pass them up, 70% off the clearance price. ;) Well anyway I had a great time and now I am going to go scrapbook. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Your Invited...

What: An online Tupperware Party.
I am hosting an online party, I would love to have you
stop by and shop.

How: If you would like to shop please post or e-mail me
your e-mail address and I will send you the link.

When: Whatever time you choose; morning,noon,night. Even in
your robe and slippers. :)

I hope you will enjoy this little party, just wish you all
could come for a party at my house.

What a busy week...

Well here is a little update on my busy week(it's not over yet). First of all I have to watch Payton everyday but Thursday and we started Holiness Convention(mini revival) at church last night. But I guess I should not complain too much because I will sure like it when I get a paycheck. Yesterday morning it too cold to play outside so I took Payton to Eric's shop to play, she had a blast rolling around on his mechanics seat and playing with Richard(the hired hand), she even got to ride Eric's pedal tractor. It was great to have her entertained while I filled out insurance paperwork. Wouldn't you know I forgot to take my camera with me. Well anyway I guess there is always next time.
This is for Matt: Thanks for answering the questions about the Cricut cutter. You did a better job than I would have. Your Great.
This is for Michelle: Thanks for your comments about the south. Where are you located and do you have a blog? Would love to have a new friend.
Here is a picture of the Cricut in action. You load your paper in and type your letters and shapes, then press Cut and Ta-Da! If you won't to see one look at Hobby Lobby.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

GEAUX Tigers!!!

Well all I can say is "We are the Champions." What a great football game.
I may not live in Louisiana any more but I am still a Tiger Girl.
I brought out my stash of LSU potato chips for the game.
Eric and I had our own "tailgate party."

I decorated the table with fabric and crepe paper and fixed some good food.

Little smokies in a blanket, sausage balls, chips & dip and for dessert

apples and dip. It was all good and easy.

This does not look very good but at least it's purple and gold.

Thanks for the sweatshirt and blanket Mom & Dad. I really enjoyed having

these to use for the evening. Way to geaux LSU!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

What does a Cricut do?

This is what my Cricut cutter can do, make all the letters for my bulletin boards. I love my cutter it made the job so easy, no more cutting letters our with scissors. I just wish it could have cut out the snowflakes too. Thanks Eric and Dad for getting me the cutter I love it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The new look

My living room has a new look as well as this blog. It is a good way to start out the new year, a fresh look. I got lamps for Christmas and also a big picture for above my couch but it is not hung yet. But here are a few pics of some of the different things I have done in the living room. Thanks Mom for the great stuff, hope you enjoy the pictures. Maybe I will take more later.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Belated New Year

Well our New Year started out with about five inches of snow. Monday afternoon we went sledding with Eric's Uncle Tom and Aunt DeRene Bromell and their kids, that was very fun. Then we spent the evening at their house with some other friends Brent and Rachel Clark and their little boy. We had a lot of fun eating and playing games. And at midnight we had a toast with "sparkling apple cider." I hope everyone is having a good New Year so far. Sorry I have not posted but we have been busy since we got home from LA, taking down the decorations and working in our basement. But I promise I will try to do better with my posting. Because I know my Mom and brother will appreciate it.

This is Eric and Tom doing their last good deed for 2007.

Eric and Aspen about to take a ride.

Hmm...a little young to be tipping the bottle.