Saturday, January 5, 2008

What does a Cricut do?

This is what my Cricut cutter can do, make all the letters for my bulletin boards. I love my cutter it made the job so easy, no more cutting letters our with scissors. I just wish it could have cut out the snowflakes too. Thanks Eric and Dad for getting me the cutter I love it.


Charity said...

Cute bulletin board! I like the snowflakes!

So I see what a Cricut can do... but what exactly is it? how does it work? I don't think I've seen one. :)

Brittany said...

You're convincing me that I need a cricut. I just cut out all the letters for my bulletin board with scissors-not fun! Have fun with it-

Matt said...

A Cricut is about the size of a normal printer. It cuts out letters, shapes, and other things on special paper you load into it. It can also draw different things. June got one and I have had a blast just watching it work!

Charity said...

Thanks for the info! That is just too cool! I guess I'm a little out of touch. I don't really scrapbook anymore, unless you count my blog! :)