Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a busy week...

Well here is a little update on my busy week(it's not over yet). First of all I have to watch Payton everyday but Thursday and we started Holiness Convention(mini revival) at church last night. But I guess I should not complain too much because I will sure like it when I get a paycheck. Yesterday morning it too cold to play outside so I took Payton to Eric's shop to play, she had a blast rolling around on his mechanics seat and playing with Richard(the hired hand), she even got to ride Eric's pedal tractor. It was great to have her entertained while I filled out insurance paperwork. Wouldn't you know I forgot to take my camera with me. Well anyway I guess there is always next time.
This is for Matt: Thanks for answering the questions about the Cricut cutter. You did a better job than I would have. Your Great.
This is for Michelle: Thanks for your comments about the south. Where are you located and do you have a blog? Would love to have a new friend.
Here is a picture of the Cricut in action. You load your paper in and type your letters and shapes, then press Cut and Ta-Da! If you won't to see one look at Hobby Lobby.


Michelle said...

Hey Melissa....I think you'll probably figure out who I am if I give you a few hints:) I live in Crowley and I'm married to Heath probably remember me from Louisiana S. Texas Camp....I came across your blog quite by accident...but it was so interesting that I drop in whenever I can....I love to see how some of the "kids" on the district have grown up married and have their own families now...course it makes me feel old but guess I can't do anything about that.....I have started a blog but it isn't up and running really son is trying to teach his mother but....we'll see how that works out....I do want to get some pictures downloaded soon....I would love to see your tupperware party....drop me an email at
Talk to you soon

Jennifer Truitt said...

Hey Melissa,
I just got a Cri-cut machine today with my Christmas money. I talked to your mom and she told me she loves hers!I and am so anxious to try it out! If you have any tips email me at
You can also email me about your tupperware party. I'm not sure if I need anything or not but, I would love to look.

Candles said...

That looks totally awesome. Your mom said that I was going to have to come over someday so we could experiment with it. It looks like so much fun!