Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Great Deals!

We had a great time in Des Moines despite that the wind was blowing probably 30 or more miles an hour and the temp was 3 degrees. Kim and I dropped the guys off at the farm show and went to Michael's, after that the mall, where we stayed for the rest of the day. I got this really cute red wool coat, it was 75 % off and the boots were also on sale. I just love a good bargain. I did buy Eric a present, a toaster oven. He actually thought it was neat, tried it out when we got home. Thanks Merlin and Kim for taking us and for the wonderful supper at Outback, the shrimp and cheesecake were delicious.

Isn't the coat a great color.
I am going to try to make a baby bib. The pattern sounds simple
enough. The yarn is so soft and the color is perfect for a baby girl.


Brittany said...

I love your bargains - I have always had a thing for red coats. Come to think of it, I like red purses too. The boots are SO cute. Looks like you had a great time!

Charity said...

CUTE bargains!!! :) I have been wanting a pea coat for ages! SO cute and the boots too.

I love that yarn! Cottontots is my choice for baby yarn. Good luck on the bib!

Candles said...

Ooooh, I love the coat and boots! They look fabulous!

rusty said...

WOW!! Are you ever going to be stylin and profilin... Love the boots and the RED coat. I'm so glad that you all had such a great time. If I was rich I would hire me to me my own personal shopper, but since I'm not, I will let you shop for me next time!