Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jerky anyone?

Last night when we got home from church Eric and I mixed up a batch of jerky.(I guess that's what you call it, a batch.) This fall someone gave us a deer and so we decided to make jerky out of it. Monday night Eric's Uncle Tom came over and helped Eric debone & take the fat off the meat.(I did not get a picture of that, but there was blood all over my kitchen island and even some on the floor. Bleach to the rescue.) After cutting it up they went to another relatives who has a commercial meat grinder and so now we have a cooler full of ground deer. I don't know exactly how much we have, but enough to keep up supplied with jerky for a long time.

Weighing the meat, the measurement have to be exact to know how much seasoning and cure to add.

Mixing and Mixing you have to mix it for five minutes, it gets really sticky. Then we had to refrigerate it over night. Today we will put it in the dehydrator.
Thanks Matt for letting us use your Jerky Shooter and seasoning. I am sure it will be good.


Charity said...

Sounds yummy! I love jerky! :)

rusty said...

Hey sweetie pie!
Hope your jerky turns out great! Is it really cold up there.

Michelle said...

Hey Melissa...did you figure out who I am? I was wondering if your tupperware party is still going on? I haven't had time to shop...had sick kids..

Candles said...

Hmmm....doesn't look so hot, but I absolutely love jerky so I'm sure it tastes really good!