Friday, February 1, 2008

Double Trouble

Payton and Cameron

As you can tell by the picture I have been very busy the last two days. A one year old and a two year old can keep things interesting, especially when the little girl is not used to having to share "Her Lissa." The little boy's name is Cameron, his regular sitter had jury duty, so I was asked to watch him. I kept him for a few days back in the summer when his sitter was busy, he is a very good kid, so I can't complain. Payton had quite the time "trying" to keep her toys away from him, I can see we are going to have fun when her new little brother arrives. When I was getting lunch ready today Cameron was very impatient, so he was hollering, I told him to be quite and that we didn't need to do that. Payton then look over at him and said "We talk." I guess she thought he should ask for his lunch not holler. Well anyway I guess I better go vaccum my house and then I think I will take the night off. I think I deserve it.


rusty said...

Looks like you had your hands full. Is that why you haven't called me? Matt has a severe case of bronchitis. He got 2 shots, one cough medicine and an antibiotic. Hope he is better soon. LSU-S is closed Mon and Tues
for Mardi Gras, so he will have recovery time. Got to run

Candles said...

I agree with your mom! It DOES look like you had your hands full! I babysat Hannah, Luke, and Sara last night, and Sara was really tired so she got very cranky. Other than that, everything went great!

Matt said...

So are you "re-thinking" your wanting to have 8 kids?