Friday, February 22, 2008

I love a sale...

I just love it when Hobby Lobby has a sale on something I want. Yesterday I went to Burlington(which is about 45 min away), Hobby Lobby had several kinds of yarn on sale for 99 cents.

The black yarn was already on clearance, so I got it to make a scarf to go with my red coat. I just loved the green yarn I am thinking of making a purse out of it, the regular price on it is $5.88 but I got it for 99 cents. What a deal! The variegated yarn I am going to use to make some more baby things, I hope one of my friends has a boy, I have some great ideas for this. I also got this at 40% off by using a coupon. I think I did pretty good, got a lot of stuff for not a lot of money.

Some of the Easter item were on sale and this little bunny just "Hopped" into my buggy and said "take my home", so I did.

Well I am off to get my house ready for a Junior party I am having to night. 7 excited kids, what fun! I've got to make cupcakes and get the games ready and keep Payton out of trouble.

Thanks to all who had responded to who you are, I am glad to have all of you on board this blog. To Kim, I gave my MIL your email address. To Julie, thanks for stopping by and you really should start you own blog, we would love to keep up on your life.


Charity said...

I love your bargains! I am actually planning a trip to HL today! I hope not too many bunnies hop into my buggy! :) I do want a pretty egg for my coffee table. ...and maybe some yarn... :)

rusty said...

I love the bunny. I saw some like that at Ross the other day. Did you have fun? Call me