Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Small Wonders Wednesday

Today is the first post of Small Wonders Wednesday,  this will be the day I review products or talk about the little things that make life easier or more enjoyable.    
    Baby Breeza  temp control water kettle,  this little kettle has made life to much easier.   As you can imagine with two babies keeping bottles clean, enough formula on hand is a chore, not to mention making the bottles and getting the water just the right temp.   I read about this kettle on a twins forum and did some research on it,   it sounded like a dream come true.   When Piper was a baby we did the big "No, No" and heated her bottles in the microwave, as you know this is not a good idea and I knew I did not want to be doing that with two babies.   So I began the search of where to find this "small wonder",  it can be found several places,, Target and Amazon just to name a few.     I know to some this post does not apply to some who are breastfeeding but for those of us who do not want to breastfeed or cannot or maybe are adopting a little one, this is a great gadget to have.      The Baby Breeza keeps the water at 98 degrees (which is the same temp as breast milk) and it holds 50oz of water.    So this is my "Small Wonder" for the day,  I can make a bottle (just the right temp) with one hand, while bouncing a crying baby.   Hooray for the things Mommies can accomplish with one hand!   
    I hope you all enjoyed my first review and I also hope you are enjoying the return of spring.   It can not come fast enough for us.    Piper is enjoying the somewhat warmer days and also her Easter kite (of course it is Cinderella, everything is).     Stay tuned for a new post of Friday. 
*This review was entirely my own, it was not done for money or product


RicKaren said...

Sounds like a great product! I do enjoy all the benefits of breastfeeding for now, but my little guy is teething, so we shall see. =)

Brittany said...

That sounds like a nifty little thing to have! We got lucky with Weston - he preferred his bottles room temp, so we never even had to warm them.

Melissa said...

Karen, teeth don't sound like fun, hope he doesn't hurt Mommy too bad.
Brittany, I wish we could use room temp water but our water has to be filtered and it very cold so this is great for making bottles quick. Having to make bottles for two can get very crazy.