Friday, January 6, 2012

Finished Object Friday

Don't you just love burlap?  I am finding so many uses for it, like this cute little sign I made.  I was needing something for a kitchen corner and was inspired to make this.  Picture frame, burlap and designs cut out with a cricut, so easy and cute.  I am joining Chari's Finished Object Friday, go over and see the cute pillowcases she made for Christmas gifts.  I can personally vouch for their cuteness since Miss Piper received one from Auntie Chari.  She loves it by the way.
  Stay tuned for an AMAZING kitchen makeover, pictures coming later today.


Charity said...

WOW!! Looks great!! The lighter cabinet really brighten things up, and that counter is beautiful! I'm with you on that crazy peel and stick tile... I'm SO ready to get rid of ours. Mark says our floors are next ... after we get the new fence up! :)

Charity said...

Strange.... I thought I had put the above comment on your kitchen post! Oh, well. :)

Love your sign!! I'm wanting to make something "valentine-y" for above our mantle. We'll see what I get done, I've still got time! :)

Connie Snodgrass said...

Melissa, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and watching little Miss Piper grow! I like this post--especially because my mom just gave me her cricut and I can now do things like this!

Brittany said...

This is so cute! Looks like a fun easy project. You're giving me ideas ;)