Friday, September 28, 2007

Fall Hayride

My cornstalk decorations.

Uncle John Miller tending the fire.

Roasting the hot dogs.

What's good to eat.

Look at the cute couple.

Tonight was our churches annual fall hot dog roast and hayride. We had a lot of fun, food and fellowship. I was tired of there never being decorations, so I took it upon myself to decorate and everyone thought it looked great.
We bobbed for apples and had a bean bag toss. I got an apple and didn't really get wet. :) Eric would not do it though, Party Pooper. Anyway after we did all of that Merlin(Eric's dad)took us on the hayride, it was a little chilly(I snuggled up to my honey)but over all very nice weather. When we got back everyone enjoyed sitting around the fire and drinking hot apple cider. You are all welcome to come and join us for next years hayride.

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Charity said...

Beautiful!! The decor turned out cute! The weather looked perfect for a hayride - as much as I can tell about weather from the pictures! :)