Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everyday Life

Well let's see what I can tell you about my day. I guess it was pretty uneventful, except for chasing Payton around and making sure I got her to the bathroom in time. We are working on the potty training and it is going very well, just a few accidents. By the time I ever have my own kids I will be a pro at things like this. Doing laundry, ironing, and cleaning out the garage pretty much made my day.

Eric brought home a straw bale for me to use in my fall decorating outside. When I get it all done I'll post some pictures. I have the greatest husband.
Some of you don't know what our house looked like so I will show you. Our house got painted this summer, it needed it so bad. I'll post some before and after pictures and you can see for yourself if it was a lovely color or not.
Well hope everyone is having a great week so far. Happy Fall!


Charity said...

But it was such a retro green!! hehe... just kidding. I like the yellow! Oh, and LOVE the chairs!! We sold some from my grandma's estate and I have been wishing I had them now!! Oh well... when can we see some picts of the inside? :)

rusty said...

Hey sissy,
I really do like the new color.
Can't wait to see it for myself
in October. You're the best!
Love, Mom

Melissa said...

You can see pictures of the inside, when I get it clean and can keep it that way for five minutes to take a picture.:) I will try to get some in the next few days. By the way I have three more of those chairs, but I don't think I will part with them.

Charity said...

You can keep it clean for five WHOLE minutes?? As soon as I get my kitchen clean, it is messed up again... unless we leave! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the house!!! It looks fabulous!!