Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everyday Life

Well it has been a pretty busy day, but for the most part everything went OK, except for the fact that I did not get to drink my first cup of coffee until almost 9:00 am AAH. Besides making sure Payton did not get into everything or push some button on the computer and make it go crazy, I had to make a meal for our pastor's family and the revival evangelist. But I got it all done and even had time to go outside and run a few "races" with Payton, she also likes to play "seek" behind the tree(hide & seek).
Mom and Sonia, don't have too much fun sitting around in your robes drinking coffee. I wish I could be there with y'all. Are you going to do any shopping? Was that a dumb question or what? Well anyway have fun, but remember not to get your swimming suits wet.


Charity said...

Hey, girl! I had a fun visit with you mom today! I wish you were here! I don't know if they are going shopping... They haven't made any plans for sure. I need to go button shopping, though - while Angie is visiting Lauren. Christmas is coming! :)

Charity said...

Oh.... I love the pict of Payton in the hammock! Looks so relaxing!