Monday, September 24, 2007

Everyday Life.

Well today was another busy day. This morning I took Payton to the library for story time, she really enjoys being with the other kids. And of course we have to get books, as if we didn't have enough all ready. This evening after she left, I made a scarecrow, I did not have any jeans, but I remembered I had some children's cloths and thus I have a very small scarecrow. Eric was running the combine this evening, his dad had to go to a meeting. I'm glad I wasn't there to see him, it might have scared me too bad. Not really I'm sure he handled it OK. I will try to get out to the field and take some more pictures of harvest, and keep you up on the progress. Well it's getting late and I'm tired to guess I'll say goodnight.


Crystal Seward said...

Hi Melissa! You don't know me, but I was told we need to get to know each other. smile Anyway, I'm Kirk's wife and it never hurts to have more friends, even if you're a long ways a way. I haven't had much time to go thru your whole site, but what I've seen looks very nice. Hope you are enjoying your week. My webpage is

Candles said...

I love your scarecrow!! It is soo cute! We are finally beginning to see some signs of fall around here, although it's really not that much!
Love ya!!

rusty said...

Love your scarecrow. I really don't think Eric could drive any worse than Merlin. (at least he hasn't ruined the heads...yet!)
My computer is down so I am at the library today. I have to go hang some pics in your dad's office later. Love, Mom