Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More of our house

As you can see you are now in the kitchen.
How about a cup of coffee and some girl talk?

This is above the stairs that go the the basement.


Charity said...

I'll be right over... and bring the scones!!! :) ...Don't we wish!!!

Melissa said...

That would be so cool if we could get together. I am glad you like the house, I would like to see some more of yours. You need to go to www.clocklink.com and look under digital, there is a cherry clock you could put on your page.

Candles said...

Oh how I miss the fun we had while I was up there!! All the fun "girl talk", shopping, and hanging out we did!! I sure do wish I could come back up there! I miss y'all and the country sooo bad!! BTW, you need to get some pics of your bathroom up. I can't wait to see it!!
Love ya!