Saturday, September 15, 2007

Everyday Life

Well we got up early this morning and went to town and stood in line outside on the square in 36 degree weather to eat pancakes and sausage. It was the annual kids day pancake breakfast and parade and other stuff . It is always a fun thing to do every fall, it is a pretty big event here in Fairfield. Well OK most things are a big event in our small town. It is so different then living in the city. You can't go to something like this without knowing ten or fifteen people(or more depending on who you are). Oh besides eating pancakes, I also went to a few garage sales with Ashley (Eric's sister) we didn't find much, but we had fun anyway. By the way eating pancakes was not the only thing I did today, I also mowed my in-laws yard.

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Charity said...

Brrr... Sounds a little cool up there! But it feels like fall though! :) The weather is cooling here too... I think I smell a little fall myself! YAH!!