Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sledding,Practice & Purple Ribbons...

Come go sledding with me. Eric tried to make a snowman
yesterday but the snow would not pack. So he scraped the
drive way while I sledded down our back hill. I had fun but
it would have been better if some of you were here to join me.
Last night we had our first "acting" Christmas program practice.
The kid's did very well, despite the fact that our Joseph was not
there. And me "Grandma" went blank and could not remember my
lines for a song. Oh well, I guess I am just getting old and cannot
memorize as well anymore.

After I got home from practice we went to town to look at
the gingerbread houses. They gave out awards last night and
mine got a Honorable Mention. I thought that was good since
it was my first time.
Well I need to get off here and get something done in my house, its
a mess. :) This evening we are going to a live animal play. Everyone says
it is really great. I sure hope so.


rusty said...

I'm so your log house. Way to go.
Also love the sledding picture. Wish we had some. It is hot here
Love, MOM

Candles said...

Wow that sledding sure does look like lots of fun!! Sure wish I could enjoy some of that! Also, love the gingerbread house! I'm considering doing one myself!

Jennifer Truitt said...

Congratulations on your gingerbread house!! I think it turned out really cute! I love the pretzel log cabins. I keep looking at the kits and have never bought one yet.:) My kids are dying to go sledding! They would love to go with would I !

Matt said...

Hey sissy! Congrats on your purple ribbon. The sledding looks fun but only if it was