Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Program

Well here I am as Grandma. Last night was our Christmas program and it went very well
the children did all of their parts perfect. Grandma forgot to say a line but no one knew.
How do you like my "powder gray" hair and the glasses on my nose?

Here I am with my "grandchildren", we are singing
"Come on Ring Those Bells". Then I began telling them the
Christmas story and we went back in time to the stable.

Here are all the children acting out their parts.

We all sang a song at the end, "Happy Birthday Jesus, I'll open this one just for you" and

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas." It ended up being a very good Christmas program.


Charity said...

What a cute idea for a program! You made such a cute Grandma!! and the knitting was the perfect touch!! :)

rusty said...

Very sweet! You were barely taller than your grandchild. Glad it went well, we had wandering sheep, a cow that kept going to get hay out of the manger, and a drummer boy who turned into a lion and roared at the piano player(his mom), but all in all it was great. Your brother did a good job on his song, as did every one else. I know some videoed it so you should be able to see it next week. Hurry home

Candles said...

Wow Lis, you sure do age nicely! lol jk jk! It looks great! Can't wait to see you!