Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Comfy New Chair

Santa has already come to my house and brought me a new denim chair an Ottoman. Eric & I are getting the chair and a love seat from his parents for Christmas. The chair was delivered yesterday and we will pick up the love seat tonight. This furniture is for our basement, we are hoping to get sheet rock up on the ceiling and carpet on the floor before long, so it will be a nice den/playroom. Payton liked the Ottoman, she informed me that it was her bed and she wanted to take her nap on it. She had to get in the bed to take a nap but she did get to sit on it and read her books. I woke up this morning to snow falling, it was so pretty but alas it did not last long and did not stick. I cannot wait until we get a good snow fall.


Candles said...

Judging from the look of the pic, she really did mean that was her bed!!

Charity said...

Cool chair!!! Can't wait to see the finished basement!