Thursday, October 11, 2007


I like pink but...

Payton cleaning her desk.

The artist at work.

Can you believe it, I forgot to take pictures of my laundry room before I got it all painted. I was so intent on getting it done that I completely spaced it off. Oh well, I did get a picture of one of the shelves, the pink on the shelf is the same color the walls were. Makes you think of Pepto Bismol doesn't it. Well anyway it is coming together nicely and I will post pics when I get it completely finished. All is quiet on the farm right now, Payton is taking a nap. :) Some days I wish she would take more than one nap, but at least she will still take one. Monday we went to Wal-Mart and bought a cute doll with clothes and highchair, I told her if she did not potty in her panties she could play with it and if she did I would put it on the refrigerate until she could be a big girl. Well the next day she did not want to go in the bathroom and so I started to count to three by the time I got to two she was in the bathroom holding her doll and saying "Don't frigerate it." I really hope this trick will work.


Charity said...

It looks like you and Payton are both working hard! :) The laundry room is looking good! Painting isn't easy! We finished up some painting around our house last month - doors mainly. It is so nice when it is finished! :)

Candles said...

Missa, you CAN'T frigerate it!!! That just wouldn't be right!! lol Sounds like her potty training is coming along pretty well!