Monday, October 22, 2007

Were Busy,Busy!

Work,Work,Work, I never get to play. That is probably how my parents feel, Dad tore out two old cabinets in the basement and put in a utility sink. Thanks Dad, your the greatest. My Mom helped Dad by sweeping up mice nest that were under the cabinets. I am so glad that we got those yucky things out of my house. On top of all that work they had to watch Payton because I had a doctor appointment. Payton had a lot of fun "helping" Tim. Thank you Dad and Mom for your hard work, it really looks nice and I am going to enjoy the sink.

On a brighter note we celebrated Mom's birthday yesterday. So Happy Belated Birthday Mom. Well I guess I'd better go see what other stuff I can find for my Dad to fix.


Candles said...

Hmmm...I didn't know that it was her birthday!! Happy B~day Aunt June!!!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday, June!!! What a way to spend your birthday....mice nests! *smile* I'm so glad you got to go to Melissa and Eric's! Have a wonderful time. And, Melissa, not TOO much shopping, now! :) I surely am enjoying keeping up with y'all on your blog!!


Charity said...

busy, busy, dreadfully busy... you've no idea what I have to do... *insert music notes here* :)

Looks like you are keeping you Dad rather busy!! :) I know you are enjoying having them there! Keep us posted on those shopping trips! :)

Happy Birthday, June!! :)