Saturday, October 27, 2007

All is quiet

Oh how very sad, Mom and Dad left this morning. I was very happy to have them come and visit but time just goes by too fast. We did have a great time together, yesterday Eric was finally feeling some better and went to work. Dad went also and drove the tractor an auger wagon, he loves to do that. Mom and I did some more shopping, not a marathon shopping trip though because I think I am getting what Eric had. YUCK!! Well anyway it was great to have my parents here but now it is time to get my house straighted up again or just lay on the couch. I'm thinking the latter is a better idea. I bough some cotton yarn and am going to try to make a dishcloth. Wish me lots of luck.


Matt said...

So you learned to tie knots in string with sticks? WOW!

Melissa said...

Well I am learning how to tie knots with sticks. The exciting part is I am making you a pair of long underwear for Christmas. :) Are you excited? Love Your Sis.

Candles said...

Hey girl!
I hope you get to feeling better soon. We've got a lot of sickness going around down here too. Hopefully I won't catch it!
♥Love ya!!♥