Friday, October 19, 2007

Raisins,Knitting & everything else.

Well what do you do with raisins? I bet you said eat them. Well that is just one of the things to do with them. Today I walked in and Payton was supposed to be eating a snack (raisins and peanuts)but I caught her putting raisins in her ears. AAAHHH! Before you know it everyone will be wearing raisins in their ears, hey I seen some pretty weird stuff, you never know what the fashions will be in a few months. And just think it will have been a two year old that started this one. HA, HA.

What a fashion statement. Matt said "She just wanted to be closer to the grapevine."

Well I finally figured out how to do the knit stitch. It's not the most beautiful but I am learning. Hopefully I can learn fast enough so I can make something for Eric's cousin Dustin & Jessica Dodd, who are going to have a baby in April. I better go to practicing so I can make something that does not resemble just a tangle of stitches. Well I better go get some more stuff done. Mom & Dad will be here tomorrow and I am so excited.

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Charity said...

hehehe... grapevine! Funny, Matt! :)

The knitting is looking good!! Are you using the Continental/ German method? (holding the yarn in your left hand) The knitting goes a lot faster this way once you get the hang of it. I started the other way, and re-taught myself after I saw her videos on

Well, I guess your parents are here! :) I know you are enjoying them... Tell them I said "Hi!" and have fun! :)