Thursday, October 18, 2007

What an evening!

Eric is painting our front door, so we just have a blanket over the screen door. Thankfully hardly any rain came in.

Well I guess I have yard work to do now.
My porch is a disaster. The scarecrow is history, newspaper and rain don't mix.
Check out the leaves on the porch wall. That was some wind!

Well after having a very uneventful day cleaning house, we had an interesting evening. As we ate supper I noticed that is was getting quite dark and windy, but I knew Eric had said we could get some rain, so I did not think much of it. We went to get in the car and go to church, we could hear the rain beating on the garage door and a little bit was coming under the door(I am thankful for a "working" garage door). We then got in the car and opened the door, we backed out and were sitting in the drive way, we wind was blowing so hard my little car was shaking, I began telling Eric I didn't think we should go to church(we live about 20 miles from church). We drove to the end of our driveway and could hardly see anything so we backed up and went back in the house. A little later my father in-law came by to check on our house he figured we were at church, they had limbs come through their living room window and wanted to make sure our house was OK. So as you can tell we had an exciting evening, actually it was quite nice we just enjoyed the evening reading and talking. Eric has been so busy with the farm that he has not been home in the evening in a long time, I've been going to bed without him so it was nice to spend some time together. Well I better get off here and get something done around here, guess I have to clean my house off.

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rusty said...

Hurry up and clean up! I don't want to do your dirty work! :)
Not really we will help when we get there.