Friday, October 10, 2008

My finished objects...

Here are a couple of things I have finished recently, so I thought I would join Chari's Finished Object Friday. I started this card quite a while back and just a couple of weeks ago finished it in time for my Sister in-laws birthday. Click on it to get a better view. I know it is not the greatest but I am new to card making.

And here is an other project that I finally got done, a new bulletin board for my Juniors class. The kids will put their reward tickets in the cups and after a few weeks, they can take them out and "shop at the store." Well I am off to work on some more projects.

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Charity said...

Your card is just as cute! I love the buttons. As I said (in the first card post) :) I get a lot of inspiration from Kelli's cards she makes. If you click on the link "beautiful cards" in my Thursday post, it takes you to her post showing all her cards. Cards are so much fun! :)