Friday, October 3, 2008

My finished object...FINALLY!

Well I barely made Chari's Finished Object Friday but I guess it is better late then not at all. I started making this apron a couple of weeks ago and just got it finished today, problems with the pattern and many other things. It is complete and now that I understand the pattern better hopefully the next ones will go easier, I am making them for Christmas gifts.
And now that he is three weeks old I finally have a picture of my nephew, Colter. It is not the best picture He did now want to look at Aunt Melissa and I could not get all the way down on the floor to his level. Well I guess I better call it a night, tomorrow is a busy day, Payton and Keegan are spending the night with us Saturday night.


Charity said...

So cute! The apron looks so feminine with the fullness at the bottom. Cute little nephew too!

Jennifer said...

Cute Apron, Melissa. You did a great job. Love ya, Jenny

Rusty said...

Love the apron! It looks like you finally mastered it! Have fun making all the rest of them. Hope all went well with the kids this weekend.
Love, Mom

Mrs. Mordecai said...

What a great apron! I recently bought one similar to that. You did a great job.