Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beginning of week 24

Here is the view that I see when I look down. AAHH, I can't see my feet any more. Oh Well, who needs to see their feet just wear your most comfy slippers and you look great no matter what.
And here is an update of the baby bump, I know it does not look like it is growing much from photo to photo but believe me it is!
I have been doing great and baby is very active especially the last few church services, I hope that does not mean it is going to be bad in church. All had been going well until today when I almost fainted in Wal-Mart. I have never fainted in my life but I was standing in the checkout line and had to hurry to a bench, sit down and put my head down. I was also having terrible pain in my side, Eric thinks maybe the baby was pushing on a major blood vessel or something. Anyway I called the Doctor and they asked me quite a few questions and then told me that it did not sound like anything too bad but to call if the pain got worse. So needless to say most of what I had planned for the day did not get done because I decided to take it easy and just lay around. I am feeling much better now and hopefully will have no more problems.

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